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Dickinson in D.C.

Washington D.C. study abroad


In partnership with Lutheran College Washington Semester (LCWS) Consortium, the Dickinson in DC program offers a semester internship experience for students to connect the global issues they have learned in the classroom to practical and local situations in the workplace. These connections take place in the epicenter of our nation, Washington, DC, where policy, advocacy, technology, the arts, media, and foreign relations all meet.

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The Dickinson in D.C. program utilizes Dickinson’s partnership with the Lutheran College Washington Semester (LCWS) Consortium to offer credit-bearing internships that support an array of academic and career interests.  

Washington D.C. highlights


  • Internships provide students with concrete, real-world professional experiencl
  • Independent study with a Dickinson faculty member to incorporate their internship learning into their academic major
  • Courses offered in a variety of subjects


LCWS's onsite staff works to match participants with industry-leading internship partners across the Washington, D.C. metro area. Students intern for four full days a week, providing students with concrete, real-world professional experience. Students will also enroll in a two credit independent study with a Dickinson faculty member to incorporate their internship learning into their academic major, as well as two one-credit LCWS courses in a variety of subject areas, including the Arts, History, Communication, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Law, Political Science, International Relations, and more. 

Students earn 4 Dickinson credits through participation in the Dickinson in DC program. Students will enroll in the following courses: 

  • Two 1-credit LCWS seminars
  • One 2-credit Independent Study (500) with a Dickinson faculty member within the student’s major/department  


Field trips and events are offered throughout the semseter to engage students in D.C. culture, arts, politics, social justice, science and technology, communication, leadership, history, and community engagement.  


Students live in fully-furnished two bedroom/two bathroom apartments located in the Avalon Courthouse Place in Arlington, VA. Avalon is located across Key Bridge from Georgetown, and just two blocks from the Courthouse Metro Station, providing students with easy access to all areas of Washington, D.C. 

Students prepare their own meals, typically with their roommates or in groups and receive a board credit to cover the cost of meals, groceries and kitchenware. 


Students are supported by LCWS on-site staff throughout the semester. The Dickinson internship advisor is Amity Fox, Dean & Director of Internships and Fellowships. 



Fall, Spring 

Fall: Early September to mid-December. Applications are due by February 15. 

Spring: Mid-January to late April. Applications are due by September 15.


2.8 GPA 

Students must have a declared major at the time of application. 


Students are supported by LCWS on-site staff throughout the semester. 

The Dickinson Internship Advisor is Dean & Director of Internships and Fellowships: 
Amity Fox 

Majors with Dickinson in Washington D.C. Program
  • American Studies 
  • Economics 
  • History 
  • International Business and Management 
  • International Studies 
  • Internships 
  • Law and Policy 
  • Policy Studies 
  • Political Science 
  • Security Studies 

Don’t see your major? Connect with us. This program could still be a good fit for you. 

Non-Dickinson Student Information

This program is not currently open for non-Dickinson students. Check our list of available programs here


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