The studio art senior seminar is the yearlong capstone for studio art majors in the Department of Art & Art History, and it culminates with an exhibition at The Trout Gallery. 

Due to the current health crisis, this year's exhibition, Empty Studio 2020, will be presented ditigally. 

You can view each student's body of work by clicking on the thumbnails below or by viewing a digital version of the exhibition catalog. The works are also displayed on the Empty Studio Instagram account.

Meggie Bromberg

Art by Meggie BrombergView body of work.


Caitlin Castineiras

Artwork by Caitlin CastineirasView body of work.


Shiyi Chen

Artwork by Shiyi ChenView body of work.


Jonathan De Anda

Artwork by Jonathan de Anda.View body of work.


Bryce Delaney

Artwork by Bryce Delaney.View body of work.


Elizabeth Gallo

Artwork by Elizabeth Gallo.View body of work.


Sarah House

Artwork by Sarah HouseView body of work.

Karissa Kendricks

Artwork by Karissa Kendricks.View body of work.

Zoe Josephina Moon Kiefreider

Artwork by Zoe Josephina Moon Kiefreider.View body of work.

Alice Kuklina

Artwork by Alice Kuklina.View body of work.

Cecelia Lamancusa

Artwork by Cecelia Lamancusa.View body of work.

Rose McAvoy

Artwork by Rose McAvoy.View body of work.

Peter Skutt

Artwork by Peter Skutt.View body of work.