Grounded in the study of modern Hebrew language and classical texts, this interdisciplinary major encourages students to engage Judaism as a living, vibrant civilization with courses in history, religion, literature, anthropology, sociology and American studies. 

Judaic studies is an interdisciplinary major designed to foster broad comprehension of the history and development of Jewish civilization from its Ancient Near-Eastern origins through present times. Coursework drawn from a variety of academic departments allows students to appreciate the diversity of Jewish life and culture as they evolved in both Western and non-Western societies.

Judaism is a tradition with a rich and varied history that spans more than 3,000 years. To explore Judaic studies is to open a window onto a world that has influenced our own world in many important ways: Judaism's pivotal role in the development of major world religions (Christianity and Islam) and its importance for understanding the politics of the modern Middle East are among a number of important examples.

Local Jewish services and events and activities of interests can be found at Congregation Beth Tikvah in Carlisle as well as at the United Jewish Community and Jewish Community Center in nearby Harrisburg. And Dickinson has three partner programs that take students abroad to Israel.

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"I love being a religion major, because it is so interdisciplinary. In fact, I received a Judaic studies major and Middle Eastern studies minor by accident! I have the freedom to take classes in other departments and still get credits for my major. I also have close connections with many of the professors in the department, even if I only took one class with them."

— Sophie Asbell '24

Student Outcomes

Where Our Students Go From Here


  • Community Synagogue of Rye
  • Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
  • Temple Aliyah

Graduate Schools

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Brandeis University
  • George Washington University
  • Boston University
Where Our Students Have Interned
  • Chisuk Emuna Religious School
  • Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center
  • Cumberland County CASA
  • Dickinson College / Center for Service, Spirituality & Social Justice

Judaic Studies News

Perspectives on Jewish Life at Dickinson

Perspectives on Jewish Life at Dickinson

To help celebrate recent milestone anniversaries for Jewish Life and Judaic Studies, alumni and students reflect on their Jewish Life experiences.

Student Snapshot: Sophie Asbell

Student Snapshot: Sophie Asbell '24

Learn more about how student-leader Sophie Asbell '24 helped plan a major event on Dickinson's Jewish history and conducted research to analyze comedian Larry David through a religious lens.

Graduate Story: Leah Soibel ’00, Fuente Latina

Graduate Story: Leah Soibel ’00, Fuente Latina

Judaic studies major builds successful career in media, by forging her own path.

Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Jewish Learning and Leadership at Dickinson

Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Jewish Learning and Leadership at Dickinson

Dickinson marks meaningful anniversaries in its Judaic studies program with a celebration of Jewish life, learning and leadership.

A Night of Song and Community: Jewish Singer-Songwriter Elana Arian Visits Campus

A Night of Song and Community: Jewish Singer-Songwriter Elana Arian Visits Campus

Nationally recognized artist performs at Dickinson, sharing songs and stories with the community.

Student Snapshot: Galil Cohen ’23

Student Snapshot: Galil Cohen ’23

“Studying immunology in the midst of the COVID pandemic has made for especially relevant lessons,” says Galil Cohen ’23, a biochemistry & molecular biology major and a Red Devil soccer player.