Dickinson offers a variety of courses in Italian language, literature and civilization on diverse topics such as the history of Italian food, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Renaissance culture, Italian cinema, and Italian politics. Unlike many other colleges, Dickinson offers a minor in Italian and a recently updated major in Italian studies, which provides students with a strong command of Italian language and culture, yet also allows students to take interdisciplinary courses concerning Italy and Italian taught by other departments in English. This opportunity has allowed many students to consider Italian studies as their second major or Italian as a second minor.

Students need to know that studying Italian at Dickinson is extremely rewarding. Those who want to study abroad can take advantage of the K. Robert Nilsson Center for European Studies and the University of Bologna in Bologna, Italy. Closer to campus, our faculty members, who strive to create an authentic environment, are leaders in their fields, have years of experience and know how to produce authentic results in the classroom through an innovative communicative approach. The Italian program at Dickinson is one of the most active and vibrant on campus. Often in conjunction with the Italian Club, events—from pasta-making lessons and Italian game sessions to authentic Italian dinners and holiday parties—are organized throughout the year and often attract hordes of students. You can also opt to live in the Romance Language House, where students can interact in Italian and experience authentic Italian culture.

On the Dickinson College campus, Italy is only a few steps away. Come explore!

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James McMenamin
Associate Professor of Italian

Department Coordinator:
Lisa Orris


105, Bosler Hall
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