Bologna panorama

Panoramic shot of Bologna, Italy. Photo by Luigi Anzivino (Flickr).

In Fall 2018, the Italian department launched a new Italian Studies program in Bologna for advanced students of Italian.

The overarching goals of the Italian program in Bologna are: (1) encourage more direct contact with the Italian language and culture; (2) facilitate the perfection of our students’ language skills by offering more courses in Italian; (3) promote students’ intercultural awareness by providing a living environment conducive to learning the target language and culture; (4) provide all qualified students the opportunity to work in an internship or in a volunteering experience; and (5) coordinate better the overall linguistic and cultural experience of our students abroad prior to their departure, during their stay, and upon their return to Carlisle. 

Be sure to check out some of the videos that were filmed in Bologna to promote our program. And follow the Bologna Program's Instagram.

Under the direction of Bruno Grazioli, permanent resident director of the Italian studies program, students in Bologna have flourished, returning to campus with life-changing memories. 



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