Academic Year (or Semester) in Bologna, Italy

The city of Bologna, located in northern Italy, has its own distinct medieval beauty. Centered at the crossroads of Italy, this city of approximately half-a-million people is home to one of the oldest universities in the world. It is just a train ride away from the art of Florence, the fashionable streets of Milan and the historic city of Venice. Bologna, designated an official European "city of culture" in 2000, is also a major center for trade fairs, where businesses and industries showcase everything from the latest developments in technology to the newest cars, perfumes and books. While providing many varied opportunities for internships, Bologna's current contributions to the modern capitalist economy contrast with the city's historically socialist identity. The Dickinson Program in Bologna was first offered in 1965 and is the College's oldest program. Eight seniors and eight juniors studied in the first program and sailed to Italy on the S.S. Castel Felice. As of 2008, the program had more than 1,000 alumni. 

Dickinson students of Italian are encouraged to study in the Dickinson Italian Studies program in Bologna. Students enrolled in the Italian Studies program will take courses taught in Italian and will be involved with language exchanges, sports teams, and civic engagement projects around the city that address pressing social issues such as immigration, sustainability and human rights while using their Italian. The main benefit is greater meaningful contact with Italian culture and the Italian language.

Courses at the University of Bologna (considered the oldest university in the world) may also be used to fulfill many of the major and minor requirements. Contact an Italian faculty member for more information.


Here are some of the videos that were filmed to promote the Italian Studies program in Bologna: