JUNE 7–9

Alumni Weekend is Dickinson’s signature event of the year! We hope you will make the trip back to campus to reconnect and celebrate with us and your fellow Dickinsonians.

The schedule and registration page will be available in mid-March. Please be sure that the college has your updated contact information--we don’t want you to miss any details! Update your information here.

See coverage of the 2023 Alumni Weekend: "A Record-smashing Alumni Weekend.”

Curious about the history and traditions of Alumni Weekend?
Check out "Alumni Weekend: Then & Now."

Upcoming Alumni Weekends:

Alumni Weekend 2025
June 6–8

Alumni Weekend 2026
June 13–15

Celebrate in Dickinson style at home!

Celebrate in Dickinson style at home!

To make your event extra special, order our REUNION IN A BOX to showcase your Red Devil pride, or our DICKINSON PARTY BOX for your safe group gathering!

Presidents welcome reception 20180608 6805 alumniweekendgallery
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Dance party bradley 20180609 7479 alumniweekendgallery
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Alumni Weekend has been a highlight for me every year … . It is a unique opportunity to reconnect with friends of many years and an institution that will always hold a very special place in my heart.  


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Dance party bradley 20180609 7508 alumniweekendgallery
Lower quad party 20190608 9808 alumniweekendgallery
Presidents welcome reception 20180608 6819 alumniweekendgallery

It’s wonderful to re-experience campus with old friends, and I think it helps alumni gain perspective and appreciation for their history, growth and connection to this community. 


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Farm lunch 20190608 9753 alumniweekendgallery
Presidents welcome reception 20180608 6482 alumniweekendgallery
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Have questions, or want to volunteer to help plan your upcoming reunion?

You may reach us at or 717-245-1373.