Audubon Workshop

The Alliance for Aquatic Resources Monitoring (ALLARM) envisions people who are empowered through science education to participate in decision making about water resources in their local community. ALLARM is a program of Dickinson College that achieves its mission by providing an enhanced educational experience for Dickinson students to learn fundamental environmental, community engagement, science education, and non-profit skills.

We engage communities to use science as a tool to investigate the health of their streams and to use the data they generate for aquatic protection and restoration efforts. ALLARM has provided capacity building assistance to Pennsylvania communities to monitor, protect and restore local waterways since 1986.

Volunteer Monitoring

Volunteer monitoring

ALLARM enhances local action for the protection and restoration of waterways by empowering communities with scientific knowledge and tools. In order to make technical assistance resources more widely available to monitoring watershed organizations, ALLARM has placed a number of its workshop tools and technical resources online.

Carlisle & Campus

Carlisle and campus

Learn about ALLARM's projects in our hometown of Carlisle, Pennsylvania preventing stormwater runoff pollution to our local streams, teaching youth environmental education classes at area schools, monitoring the LeTort Spring Run stream in town and our ongoing stream restoration project at the Dickinson College Farm.

News & Publications

News and events

ALLARM holds community meetings such as pipeline awareness discussions and shale gas monitor check-ins as well as student volunteer events such stream restoration planting days and stormwater education. We also publish a yearly newsletter in addition to a monthly shale gas email.