ALLARM staff orientation

ALLARM employs 10-15 Dickinson students part-time during the school year and 2-3 students full-time during the summer from all majors and provides excellent diversity of experience in verbal, written, and professional skills. Hiring is typically conducted in March or April.

Each student on staff holds focused positions and conducts various projects based on their interests and diversity of skills. In addition to their main projects, each student has the opportunity to work with professional organizations, develop relationships with the community, facilitate staff meetings and bi-monthly environmental discussions, publish a research article in the annual Stream of Consciousness newsletter, participate in environmental education events, engage the community in meetings and workshops, and more.

Applications can be found here and are due to on April 3, 2022 at 11:59PM EST.

To be notified about professional opportunities with ALLARM as well as volunteer events, you can join our events and opportunities email list.

The official title of our students is Watershed Coordinator, and some projects and opportunities include:

Technical Assistance

  • Assist with coordination and implementation of water quality monitoring workshops for ALLARM's partner organizations
  • Develop GIS maps illustrating land use, geology, discharges, demographics, and water bodies for ALLARM's partner organizations
  • Create manuals, protocols, and training resources for volunteer and organizational use
  • Research environmental policies and aquatic-based information for effective assistance and capacity building for the community

Public Outreach and Education

  • Write articles, edit, and layout the annual newsletter, Stream of Consciousness
  • Design and create organizational marketing materials for events and programs
  • Develop and maintain organizational social media and assist in maintaining organizational website
  • Participate in presentations both on campus and for community partners

Laboratory Aquatic Research

  • Conduct monthly baseline analysis on the LeTort Spring Run
  • Perform laboratory testing for quality assurance verification for volunteer water quality monitoring organizations to ensure that volunteers are using their equipment correctly
  • Research and test water quality monitoring techniques appropriate for volunteer use

LeTort Stormwater Education Campaign

  • Participate in monthly meetings with community water quality project stakeholders on stormwater issues
  • Develop public relations/media outreach strategies and materials for the Adopt a Storm Drain Campaign
  • Organize educational events such as storm drain marking and rain barrel construction