The ALLARM staff is comprised of the directors and the student watershed coordinators. Students have a variety of roles in the office but their responsibilities often overlap creating a dynamic office community. The ALLARM staff fosters a community where collaboration thrives to accomplish the organization's historic mission. The collaborative atmosphere also fosters new ideas and projects as the organization moves into the future. To learn more about our staff's exciting work, check out our blog!

Julie VastineJulie Vastine


As the executive director of ALLARM I am responsible for leading the ALLARM program, working with ALLARM’s fabulous students, and providing technical assistance to watershed communities to monitor, protect, and restore water quality.

Watershed Address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Jinnie Monismith

Jinnie Monismith

Science Advisor

I help communities in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed develop and implement stream monitoring programs in order to learn more about their local watershed and address their concerns. I am privileged to work with ALLARM’s Watershed Coordinators on laboratory and GIS projects and the Stream Team Program.

Watershed Address: Meetinghouse Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Candie WildermanCandie Wilderman Photo

Founder, Science Advisor

As the science advisor for ALLARM, most of my duties involve helping with the development of scientific protocols for monitoring programs. I also advise on the educational approaches for training and technical support. Outside of ALLARM I enjoy hiking and kayaking with my family and friends, working in my yard and garden, and most of all spending time with my husband, children and young granddaughters.

Watershed Address: Willow Creek, Cedar Run, Yellow Breeches Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Phoebe GalioneStaff profile of Phoebe Galione

Outreach Manager

As ALLARM’s Outreach Manager, I work to connect with volunteers and partners, making information, whether it be for events or data findings, accessible. I also support Watershed Coordinators in both data and outreach related endeavors. It is my goal to put more of a focus on JEDIA (justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility) initiatives within ALLARM's work. Outside of ALLARM, I enjoy hiking, drawing, and the opportunity to spend clear nights looking at the stars. 

Watershed Address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Isabel RuffStaff Profile Photo of Isabel Ruff

Volunteer Monitoring Specialist 

As the Volunteer Monitoring Specialist, I coordinate Stream Team, ALLARM’s volunteer stream monitoring program. Additionally, I coordinate ALLARM’s participation in the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative, and provide technical and programmatic assistance to our partners in New York. I also support Watershed Coordinators in the volunteer monitoring and GIS realms. Outside of ALLARM, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and finding new ways to explore the area.

Watershed Address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean 

Lindsay VanFossenstaff portrait of Lindsay VanFossen

Water Quality Technician

As ALLARM’s Water Quality Technician, I coordinate ALLARM’s statewide quality assurance/quality control program. I also oversee the laboratory, provide technical and programmatic support for community partners throughout the region and support our student Watershed Coordinators. Outside of ALLARM I enjoy photography of all kinds such as landscape, portrait, wildlife, etc. 

Watershed Address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean 

Michelle Hom Watershed Coordinator staff profile photo of Michelle H.

Watershed Coordinator- Stream Team, Research
Class of 2024

My primary job at ALLARM is corresponding with the Stream Team volunteers. This includes answering emails and ensuring that volunteer equipment is up to date. I am also working on a research project about how the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) on farms is one of the solutions towards achieving the Chesapeake Bay 2025 restoration goals. Teaching volunteers at workshops and analyzing water samples from Letort monitoring in the lab are other aspects of my role as well. Outside of ALLARM, I am a member of the Environmental Studies/Science Majors Committee and am an EcoRep for the center for Sustainability Education (CSE). My hobbies include photography, hiking, napping, and watching new movies!

Watershed Address: Canoe Brook, Passaic River, Newark Bay, Sand Hook Bay, Atlantic Ocean 

Charlotte Kravtovil-Lavelle 

Staff profile photo of Charlotte KL.


Watershed Coordinator- Outreach, Stream Team
Class of 2024

As a Watershed Coordinator, I travel to various locations along LeTort Spring Run to collect water samples for the Letort Regional Authority. As a lab coordinator, I conduct water sample analysis in ALLARM’s laboratory. While working at ALLARM, I hope to develop relationships with my coworkers as well as with volunteers and members of the community. I hope to help share the importance of water quality monitoring with students and members of the community and spread a passion for environmental science.  In addition to working at ALLARM, I am a part of the Dickinson’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams as well as the Outing, Random Acts of Kindness, and Arts Collective clubs.

Watershed Address: Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Prerana Patil 

Staff profile photo of Prerana P.


Watershed Coordinator- Lab, Data/Research
Class of 2024

My position at ALLARM is primarily focused on the lab. There I work on Quality Control and Quality Assurance with samples brought in from our volunteers and our own samples of the LeTort Spring Run. I also play a role on our Data/GIS team where I am reworking our data processing and interpretation systems. On occasion, I contribute to the Outreach team with fun graphics for our Instagram
(@allarmwater). Outside of the workplace, I am involved in Dickinson’s College Radio, the Dickinson Frisbee team, the Women of Color Summit Planning Committee, and I love exploring the local greenery!

Watershed Address: Lake Travis, Colorado River, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean

Amaya Hamilton 

Watershed coordinator staff profile photo of Amaya.


Watershed Coordinator - Research, GIS
Class of 2024

At ALLARM, I primarily work in the lab and I often run tests on volunteer-collected water samples to evaluate the health of our streams and rivers. My goal is to improve communication skills with the volunteers and community members ALLARM works with. In my free time I enjoy hiking, drinking coffee, and playing piano.

Watershed Address: Hartman Run, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Whimsy Mark-Ockerbloom 

Watershed Coordinator staff profile photo of Whimsy.


Watershed Coordinator - Outreach, Research
Class of 2024

I have had the opportunity to work on many aspects of ALLARM, but my current projects focus on outreach and publications. I help make information accessible to the community, and through this, try to encourage interest and excitement about water health. My favorite focus at ALLARM is macroinvertebrates (water bugs) and getting people to love or at least appreciate them as much as I do! Outside of work, I hike, birdwatch, sing with the college choir, and take part in conservation projects.

Watershed Address: Cresheim Creek, Wissahickon Creek, Schuylkill River, Delaware River, Delaware River Basin, Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Michelle Cao 

Watershed Coordinator Profile Photo of Michelle


Watershed Coordinator - Data
Class of 2025

My role at ALLARM integrates the different aspects of volunteer monitoring. This semester, I am working to optimize the annual data interpretation process and identify additional ways to interpret volunteer data. At Dickinson, I am involved with the Asian and Asian-American Collective, Farmworks, the Environmental Science/Studies (ENST) Major Committee, and am a Research Assistant. I enjoy cooking and exploring nature in my free time.

Watershed Address: Upper Bay-The Narrows, East River, Lower, Erie Basin, Gowanus Canal, Hudson River, Atlantic Ocean

Amelia Harper 

Staff Profile Photo of Amelia


Watershed Coordinator - Lab
Class of 2025

I work mainly in ALLARM’s laboratory, running chemical testing for our monthly LeTort monitoring program and quality control of volunteer-collected stream samples. I play cello in the Dickinson orchestra, and I’m currently studying acute myeloid leukemia in Professor Roberts’ lab. In my free time, I enjoy knitting and long-distance backpacking.

Watershed Address: Canadaway Creek, Lake Erie, Niagara River, Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Atlantic Ocean

Kailey Sipe 

Watershed Coordinator staff profile photo of Kailey


Watershed Coordinator - Research, GIS/Data
Class of 2025

This year at ALLARM I will be working on data/GIS, where I will be analyzing and inputting data from our volunteers and ALLARM itself using various softwares. My goal this year at ALLARM is to become a better communicator for water quality issues and to better connect with our partners, community members, and my fellow ALLARMies! Besides working at ALLARM, I am an Eco-Representative for CSE (Center of Sustainability Education), a part of Dickinson Cheerleading, and a member of the AAUW (American Association of University Women). One of my favorite activities to do outside of Dickinson is baking sweet treats!

Watershed Address: Little Sewickley Creek, Sewickley Creek, Youghiogheny River, Monongahela River, Ohio River, Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico

Emma Spinelli ALLARM staff profile of Emma S

Watershed Coordinator - Stream Team 
Class of 2026 

This year at ALLARM I will be working with the research team and then working with volunteer monitors via Stream Team. I am excited to have my first semester with ALLARM, learning different aspects of the organization. I am also involved in Pi Beta Phi, club cheerleading, WDCV radio station as social media director, and outing club as well as working in the proctoring center with ADS. Besides that, I love making art.

Watershed Address: Mine Run, Perkiomen, Schuylkill, Delaware, Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean.

Crosby Wilkin ALLARM profile photo of Crosby W

Watershed Coordinator - Lab 
Class of 2026 

My position focuses mainly on working in the lab, but I will also be working on some research projects as well. I hope to become an expert in the lab and all the equipment we use while in it. I also hope to expand my general knowledge of community science and ALLARM’s goals.

Watershed Address: South Branch Raritan River, Upper Raritan Watershed, Raritan Basin, Raritan Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Marja Barrett 

ALLARM staff profile of Marja B


Watershed Coordinator - Lab
Class of 2026 

I’m working in the ALLARM lab this semester, learning new techniques and running chemical analysis on volunteer and ALLARM-collected samples. I’m excited to learn more about water monitoring techniques and connect with my community. On campus I’m involved in the Liberty Cap Society, the Dance Theatre Group, and Pi Beta Phi, and in my free time I like to read and spend time outdoors.

Watershed Address: Rivanna River, James River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean.

Max Carfrey 

ALLARM staff profile of Max C


Watershed Coordinator - Outreach
Class of 2026 

As a member of the Outreach team, I work on distributing information through social media, makeing important news, updates, and science more accessible. This year, I hope to expand my knowledge of the aquatic field in order to teach others about the importance and role of water quality in freshwater systems. Outside of ALLARM, you can find me performing in plays or musicals with the Mermaid Players and dancing with the Hypnotic dance team. I also enjoy teaching myself the guitar and watching movies with friends!

Watershed Address: Cobbs Creek, Darby Creek, Delaware River, Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean

David Marsh ALLARM staff profile of David M

Watershed Coordinator - Research, Outreach 
Class of 2026 

At ALLARM, I will be working with the Research and Outreach teams. I will be doing research to answer volunteer questions and communicating those answers and other scientific information in a helpful and accessible way. I am involved in Dickinson’s Outing club, EXiled poetry society, Mermaid players, Astronomy club, and Gaming Club. I enjoy reading in my free time.

Watershed Address: Chartiers Creek, Ohio River, Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean

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