The ALLARM staff is comprised of the directors and the student watershed coordinators. Students have a variety of roles in the office but their responsibilities often overlap creating a dynamic office community. The ALLARM staff fosters a community where collaboration thrives to accomplish the organization's historic mission. The collaborative atmosphere also fosters new ideas and projects as the organization moves into the future. To learn more about our staff's exciting work, check out our blog!

Julie VastineJulie Vastine


As the executive director of ALLARM I am responsible for leading the ALLARM program, working with ALLARM’s fabulous students, and providing technical assistance to watershed communities to monitor, protect, and restore water quality.

Watershed Address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Suzanne HartleyAssistant Director of ALLARM Suzanne Hartley's professional headshot

Assistant Director

I provide technical suppport and follow-up assistance to stream monitoring programs in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. I also work in the laboratory with ALLARM's Watershed Coordinators to provide quality assurance to volunteers.

Watershed Address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Candie WildermanCandie Wilderman Photo

Founder, Science Advisor

As the science advisor for ALLARM, most of my duties involve helping with the development of scientific protocols for monitoring programs. I also advise on the educational approaches for training and technical support. Outside of ALLARM I enjoy hiking and kayaking with my family and friends, working in my yard and garden, and most of all spending time with my husband, children and young granddaughters.

Watershed Address: Willow Creek, Cedar Run, Yellow Breeches Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Helen SchlimmCommunity Science Specialist, Helen Schlimm

Community Science Specialist

As ALLARM’s Community Science Specialist, I work with communities in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to collect volunteer monitoring data to be used within the scope of our Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative partnership. I also work in the lab and with our students to ensure the quality of our data and assist in other Chesapeake Bay watershed technical matters. Outside ALLARM, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, cooking, and being with cats.

Watershed Address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean  

Hayat RasulOutreach and Communications Specialist, Hayat Rasul

Outreach & Communications Specialist

As the Outreach & Communications Specialist, I connect with ALLARM’s volunteers in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, the Dickinson College Community, and ALLARM’s broader network to share information regarding our partnerships and events. I also design ALLARM publications and information pertaining to our mission of educating, engaging and empowering our volunteer water quality monitors. This year, I look to make a variety of videos outlining how to use the equipment ALLARM loans to its volunteers to test water quality parameters like conductivity, pH, nitrate-nitrogen, orthophosphate, and etc. Outside of ALLARM, I am a writer and creator. I make jewelry, love to strech, and enjoy Fall Festivities and Fashion all year round.

Watershed Address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Kat AltamiranoKat Altamirano

Watershed Coordinator- GIS
Class of 2020

At ALLARM, I create maps and spatial resources for communities within our network. I have been with ALLARM since Spring 2018; and, I am looking forward to attending workshops and community events this year! , I am also involved in the Dickinson College Community Orchestra, I am writing tutor in the Multilingual Writing Center, and I am the GIS intern at the GIS lab.

Watershed Address: East Spring Brook, Nonnewaug River, Pomperaug River, Housatonic River, Long Island Sound, Atlantic Ocean

Meredith JonesMeredith Jones

Watershed Coordinator- Outreach, Stormwater
Class of 2020

In my work at ALLARM, I use web design tools in order to spread knowledge about ALLARM throughout Dickinson and the greater community. This year I will also be developing art pieces for the campus community to represent ALLARM’s wonderful work.  Additionally, I work with the stormwater team on community education projects in Carlisle. Outside of ALLARM, I am the president of the Arts Collective. I also enjoy making pottery and listening to Halloween music in my free time. 

Watershed Address: Vernon River, Little Ogeechee River, Atlantic Ocean

Abby KaijaAbby Kaija

Watershed Coordinator- Research, Lab, Outreach
Class of 2020

This year at ALLARM, my focus is on aquatic macroinvertebrates. I am investigating insects and other critters in the stream in order to develop tools for volunteers and help prepare the ALLARM team to teach others. In addition, I am researching the environmental ethics of working with community partners. My goal for the year is to communicate how macroinvertebrates can be used as bioindicators. This semester I am completing my capstone for the Montgomery Service Leaders Program. On campus I am also a global ambassador, athletic events assistant and you can find me playing soccer or in the Handlebar now and then.

Watershed Address: Mill Brook, Mill Pond, Connecticut River, Atlantic Ocean

Staff profile pictureRachel Krewson

Watershed Coordinator- Lab
Class of 2020

I am excited to hone my laboratory skills and become more efficient as part of the lab team at ALLARM this year. I am also excited to engage at our community events, including the Stream Team initiatives that began last year. I am also a continuing Icelandic aquatic climate change research, renewable energy Solar Air Heater Research, and a TA in both the Environmental Science and Physics departments. In my free time, I enjoy reading and staying active with activities such as hiking, climbing, and running.

Watershed Address: Perkiomen Creek, Schuylkill River, Delaware River, Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Karan ShakyaKaran Shakya

Watershed Coordinator- Research, GIS
Class of 2020

I am part of the GIS and Research team at ALLARM. My projects include preparing maps that illustrate the geology, land use, watershed, and sample sites of a community. I will also be working on data analysis and data presentation. My other interest includes soccer (go Manchester United!), Minecraft, and making documentaries.  

Watershed Address: Bishnumati, Bagmati, Kamla, Koshi, Ganges, Padma, Meghna, Indian Ocean

Matt ZarembaMatt

Watershed Coordinator- Lab
Class of 2020

As part of the lab team, I do QC tests on water samples taken and tested by volunteers to ensure accurate results, take and test samples from the LeTort Spring Run, and prepare materials for teaching workshops and other events. Outside of ALLARM, I am a member of Dickinson’s climbing team, the Head Route Setter at the climbing wall, and an Eco-Rep for Goodyear Apartments.

Watershed Address: Doan Brook, Lake Erie

Hiba AoidHiba Aoid

Watershed Coordinator- Research, GIS
Class of 2021

My position at ALLARM this semester will focus on helping with data analysis and visualization using GIS. I am also looking forward to facilitating community events centered around monitoring stream health and quality. In my free time, I love cooking, painting, and doing yoga.

Watershed Address: Atlantic Ocean

Phoebe GalioneStaff profile picture

Watershed Coordinator- Outreach, Lab
Class of 2021

As a part of the Outreach team this semester, I am excited to create artwork, designs, and writing that extends the reach of ALLARM and the work we do. Some specific projects I will be working on are a mural and logo design, as well as WaterFacts and blog posts. Outside of ALLARM, I am VP of astronomy club and find myself looking at the stars whenever the night skies are clear. I am also a member of the Environmental Studies Majors Committee. In my free time, I enjoy drawing and hiking.

Watershed Address: Storehouse Brook tributary, Stonehouse Brook, Butler Reservoir, Pequannock River, Pompton River, Passaic River, Hudson River, Atlantic Ocean

Olivia SpildoorenOlivia Spildooren

Watershed Coordinator- Stormwater, Research
Class of 2021

My position focuses on educating the Dickinson and Carlisle community about the importance of stormwater management. This semester I will primarily focus on planning stormwater education events and doing research about new stormwater infrastructure. I am also involved in the Environmental Science Majors Committee, Eco-Reps, Dickinson Orchestra, Chamber Music and the Asian and Asian American Club.

Minneakonging Creek, South Branch Raritan River, Raritan River, Raritan Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Angelo TarzonaStaff profile picture

Watershed Coordinator- Research, GIS, Lab
Class of 2021

For the Fall Semester, I am working on developing Best Practices when it comes to Volunteer Retention, Recruitment, and Management. Also, I am a part of the GIS Team where I will be making maps for our Stream Team Programs and other Programs that may need a map of any sort. Finally, I am also in the lab team this semester which I will be working on testing the samples from our volunteer monitors for the Quality Assessment and Quality Control. Besides from ALLARM, I am involved in Geology Club and during my free time, I often go around Downtown Carlisle and explore places and thrift at the C-Luv Thrift Store and Miss Ruth's Time Bomb.

Watershed Address: Riceville Bayou, Keegans Bayou, Brays Bayou, Buffalo Bayou, Burnet Bay, Trinity Bay, Galveston Bay, Gulf of Mexico

Shante ToledoStaff profile picture

Watershed Coordinator- Research, Stormwater
Class of 2021

The areas I work in are research and stormwater. My position in stormwater is to work with the Carlisle community on stormwater related matters like decreasing the amount of pollution stormwater carries into LeTort which flows to the Chesapeake Bay then into the Atlantic Ocean. As for research I’m figuring out how the laws of the Navajo Nation, the state of New Mexico, and the United State affect water quality regulation on the Navajo Reservation. I am involved in Spectrum: Dickinson's Queer Student Union, the Hive, Finding Relationships Under Inspiring Truth (FRUIT), and the Astronomy Club.

Watershed Address: Arroyo de la Calabacillas, Rio Grande, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean

Grace Messimer Watershed Coordinator Grace Messimer


Watershed Coordinator- Research, Stormwater
Class of 2023

This is my first year at ALLARM and I’m looking forward to learning more about what I’ll be doing throughout my time here! As part of the stormwater team, I will be helping to engage the community and help educate about the importance of stormwater health and management. Outside of ALLARM, I enjoy reading and hiking. I am also involved with SEED and learning more about and educating others about sustainability.

Watershed Address: Paxton Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay


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