Lending a Helping Hand

During her time as a volunteer services intern at Women in Need, Seto Olayomi Olayomi '18 found confidence by helping lower-income families in New York City.

Seto Olayomi Olayomi '18, Women in Need



Internship title:

Volunteer services intern.

How I got this internship:

I got this internship by networking with Dickinson alumni, faculty, staff and parents.

What I do, day to day:

No two days at Women in Need (WIN) are ever the same. I wear several hats at this internship, and as such, I have a tremendous amount of responsibility. I work for the Volunteer Services Department at the largest provider of family shelter and supportive housing in New York City. It’s my job to organize events put on by large sponsors at various sites. My day-to-day activities range from receiving calls or having discussions with sponsor teams at large corporations (such as Google) in preparation for events to overseeing Broadway actors as they teach theatre exercises to children in the shelters. I am required to visit 10 shelters spread across New York City's boroughs and welcome volunteers by giving them the orientation and informing them about how WIN empowers thousands of homeless families. I also fulfill a significant number of the donation requests for the clients at various sites and manage the organization’s social media platforms. My big end-of-summer project will be assisting with the distribution of 2,000 back-to-school backpacks, complete with grade-appropriate school materials, which will be provided by our multiple sponsors. To say the least, my internship is action-packed.

Other internships:

I haven't had previous internship experience, but I do plan to intern again, perhaps with WIN or maybe somewhere else. It's been a positive experience.

Most valuable part of this experience:

It was valuable learning the ins-and-outs of all the boroughs in New York City as well as solidifying my event planning skills.

Advice for students considering internships:

Find one that allows you to learn all aspects of the company.

How this internship has helped me:

I'm more confident in my ability to plan and speak in public. I feel that I can assume my role as a student interviewer [at Dickinson] with a lot more self-assurance.

Post-Dickinson plans:

Have a stable career and be peaceful.

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Published August 8, 2017