Certifiably Green


Student-developed program enables Dickinsonians to quickly assess their commitment to sustainability

by Tony Moore 

Thanks to a new student-developed initiative, Dickinsonians can now assess their commitment to sustainability in just five minutes. Created by 2016 Baird Sustainability Fellow Emily Smith ’16 (Englishpolitical science), the new Green Devil Certification program features a self-assessment tool that asks participants questions to help them determine where they excel and where they might need to improve in engaging the world sustainably.

“The Center for Sustainability Education (CSE) is really excited to roll out this new program,” says Lindsey Lyons, assistant director of CSE, which set up the self-assessment tool. “We hope it's used as a conversation starter to positively influence behavior change at both the individual and community level.”

Beyond just establishing one’s “greenness,” the Green Devil Certification program sets out to show that there’s more to sustainability than the environment.

“Sustainability is a complex issue with endless variables,” Lyons says. “And we hope the Green Devil Certification program will help people see what they can do to improve the human condition equitably in this and future generations, while conserving environmental systems necessary to support healthy and vibrant societies.”

The certification marks participants as active leaders in Dickinson’s commitment to sustainability, while highlighting wide-ranging goals Dickinsonians can pursue to live more sustainably. Prizes will be awarded for the 100th, 200th, 300th and 400th certified, and participants can earn certification at the bronze, silver, gold or platinum level, depending on their dedication to sustainability.

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Published February 23, 2016