Meet and Eat



LOCALTUNITY builds community and sustainability with food

Video by Jackie Goodwin ’17, Emily Smith ’16, Kate King ’18 and Carl Socolow ’77

With more than 300 Dickinsonians participating annually, LOCALTUNITY is a sustainable initiative for students, faculty and staff to support the Carlisle community by visiting the Farmer's on the Square market. The concept is simple: Groups of three or more people join together and agree to visit the market as a team. Each person is then given a $5 token to purchase fruit, vegetables or other local flavors and an additional $5 if the group agrees to use their market items to cook a meal together.

“LOCALTUNITY encourages people to head down to the farmers market and check it out,” says Madison Beehler ’15, College Farm outreach coordinator. “After that person has experienced the farmers market and been exposed to it, maybe they will come back.”

“It brings different parts of the campus together,” says Gibson Holland ’16. “You get to chat, shop and talk about what you are making for dinner. It is just a great way to get to know everyone.”

The program promotes a healthy lifestyle since many groups walk or bike to the market. Students are also encouraged to team with faculty and staff.

“In fact, that was my favorite part,” says Andrew McGowan ’16. “We get to break down the boundaries between students and faculty and just get to know each other through food.”

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Published August 18, 2015