spring into fitness challenge 2017

Registration for the 2017 Spring Into Fitness Challenge has now closed...and the fun soon begins on Sunday, March 19!

New for 2017 ... This is a campus-wide and includes all students, staff and faculty! Activities and programs are being planned now. We look forward to sharing some new Challenges and events this year for all who participate. Watch for updates to be shared on this webpage and through Dickinson Today Announcements. 136 Dickinsonians registered online for the 2017 Challenge!

Excited to get started? Click the link below to download the Spring Into Fitness Challenge fillable-tracking form to track weekly your exercise minutes during the Challenge:

Spring Into Fitness Challenge Tracking Form

At the end of each week of the 2017 Spring Into Fitness Challenge, please report your weekly exercise minutes totals at the following OrgSync reporting form (link below):

Spring Into Fitness Challenge ~ Exercise Minutes Reporting Form


Join this year's colleagues, family and friends to enjoy the fresh, warmer air outside that will arrive soon! Fun activities and mini-challenges will be held over the six week 2017 Challenge running from Sunday, March 19 through Saturday, April 29.

Dickinsonians are challenged to exercise, have fun and enjoy the spring weather! Reported exercise minutes will be converted to miles, and as a community we hope to Walk-Around-the-World on our quest, visiting all of the Global Education sites along the way.

2017 Spring Into Fitness Kick-off Walk Participants!

2017 spring into fitness challenge

Photo provided by Marianna Doherty. March 23, 2017


For a peak at the progress we have made so far this spring, see a snapshot of the virtual map below:

Walk Around The World

2017 spring into fitness challenge virtual map

2017 Spring Into Fitness Challenge - Virtual Walking Map Week 4 Progress


Summary of the 2016 Spring Into Fitness Challenge

Beginning on Sunday, March 20 and continuing through Saturday, April 30 – Dickinson College faculty, administrators and support staff, as a community, participated in a fitness/walking challenge with several peer institutions. Challenge winners were determined by two criteria – the greatest percentage of cumulative participation for staff and also the highest average number of minutes per participant! This was our fourth year of participation, and we enjoyed competing with our our peers once again last spring. Other colleges competing included Elizabethtown, Franklin & Marshall, Gettysburg and York College.

The Spring into Fitness divisional challenge also returned for 2016! The President's Office dominated the 2016 Challenge, claiming the golden sneaker trophy from Academic Affairs, the 2015 winner of the divisional challenge. Who will win the divisional Challenge in 2017? Watch for participation updates during this spring's Challenge!

2016 spring into fitness challenge winners

Photo provided by Debra Hargrove.

The 2016 Challenge included the option to form mini-teams within your division, or with colleagues across campus. Participants joined together in small groups to have fun competing with other mini-teams across campus. For 2017, we again have mini-teams, but now have a more inclusive Challenge that includes all Dickinsonians - students, faculty and staff members.

Fun exercise, fitness and walking options

Fun activities will be announced during the weeks of the Spring Into Fitness through Saturday, April 29. Click the links above to see the list of many activities and programs offered this spring. Use the sidebar links for the listing of Mini-Team Challenges and to navigate between the Spring Into Fitness Challenge webpages!