2016-17 Day of Service

Students volunteer at a local Easter Egg Hunt.

Day of Service seeks to meet our goal that every student at Dickinson have at least one service experience before graduating. The program provides monthly service opportunities to open students’ eyes to the needs of the community and people beyond the limestone walls. Students, faculty and staff join together to recognize the interdependence of the Dickinson and Carlisle communities.

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If you are interested in Day of Service or have any questions, please contact the 2017-18 student coordinators (Allison Boni and Cailey Cummins) at dayofservice@dickinson.edu. If it is summer, please email csss@dickinson.edu.

Annual Opportunities

Day of Service hosts monthly service opportunities with different community organizations each year. However, there are a few programs that happen annually.

First Year Service Reps - NEW!

The First Year Service Rep program is a new opportunity to get first-year students involved in community service early on. The program was created after hearing frustration from first-years who did not know how to get involved in community service. The Service Reps will work with the Day of Service student staff to plan at least two service events each month for their fellow first-year students. There will be an application for this new opportunity early in September. Look for the bright orange tables during orientation move-in, at the activities fair, and at the CommServ fair to learn more!

Fall and Spring Service Days

Every fall and spring semester, Day of Service hosts a large-scale service day open to students, faculty, and staff. The goal is to have more than 100 people volunteering in the Carlisle community. The fall service day typically takes place in October and the spring service day kicks off National Volunteer Week in April.

Forward Fair

Forward Fair is an annual event where students get to flex their creative muscles for a good cause! Students make and decorate items such as blankets, potted plants, picture frames, dog toys, and more and the items are then donated to local organizations. The event is typically on Britton Plaza during National Volunteer Week in April.