The Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice (CSSS) works to increase engaged citizenship, sustainable community partnerships and responsibility by helping students, community members, faculty and staff build connections, explore the complexity of identity and values and identify community needs.

Enhancing your experience at Dickinson College can occur by making a contribution to the Carlisle Community and beyond.  There are many ways to engage the community at Dickinson which include: service learning, ALLARM, community studies, internships and volunteering.

To get involved in the local community, CSSS is the place to go! Over 200 students volunteer weekly in the Carlisle community through our programs and over 100 get involved in one of our service trips each year. In 2015-16, Dickinson students completed over 50,000 hours of volunteer community service. To check out what happened last year, see the 2015-16 Year End Review.

This center assists students, community members, faculty and staff to build connections, explore complexity of identity and values, and identify community needs.  This occurs in reciprocal relationships by developing an understanding of one’s strengths, values, and contributions to the community.  Through our programs we aim to foster engaged citizenship, support sustainable community partnerships,and increase responsibility and accountability.

Ready to get involved? Not sure where to start? Check out this information compiled with community partners on Volunteering: Tips to Know Before You Go.  Then come to the center and see where volunteers are most needed in our local community.

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