The Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice (CSSS) works to increase engaged citizenship and sustainable community partnerships by helping students, faculty and staff build connections with each other and partners in our community through service. Making a contribution to the Dickinson and Carlisle communities can enhance your experience at Dickinson College by helping you to learn new skills, connect with others who share your passion and learn more about the community in which you live.

Successful community engagement, from volunteering to internships to class work, can only be done through community partners that are willing to engage with students. Within the larger Carlisle area, CSSS regularly has contact with over 25 community partners. Involvement occurs through work-study program, weekly programs and special projects. The success of Dickinson's ability to work beside and within the Carlisle community occurs because of our Community Partners.

To get involved in the local community, the Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice is the place to go! Over 200 students volunteer weekly in the Carlisle community through our programs and over 100 get involved in one of our service trips each year. In 2015-16, Dickinson students completed over 50,000 hours of volunteer community service. To check out what we did last year, see the 2015-16 Year In Review.

Ready to get involved? Not sure where to start? Check out our website to see more information about the specific programs we offer, contact the office at or stop by Landis House!

To see a brief description of the programs we offer, see the 2016-17 Brochure. For the latest updates on our events and programs, find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

If you need to complete volunteer clearances to work with our CommServ programs or any other volunteer organizations on campus, please follow the Volunteer Clearance Instructions.

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