FAQs About Graduate School

Below are some frequently asked questions about how to proceed after graduation and applying to graduate schools. Follow the links for a number of resources to help guide you through this process.>

How do I figure out what I want to do - I have no idea?

Resources & Advice for Psychology Students

Career Decision Tree for Psychology Students

Careers in Psychology

What can I do with a BA in psychology if I do not go to graduate school?

Finding Careers with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Entry-Level Jobs for Psychology Majors

What are the pros and cons of getting an M.A. before a Ph.D.?

Should I apply for a master's degree before a PhD?

Masters' Degree Before Ph.D.: Help Or Hindrance?

What is the difference between a PsyD and a PhD?

What is the difference between a PsyD and a PhD?

PsyD vs. PhD Information Sheet

What is the difference between counseling and clinical psychology?

What is the difference between a clinical psychologist and a counseling psychologist?

How do I write a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

Sample Psychology Undergraduate CV with Notes and Explanation

How do I study for the GRE?

GRE Online

What is the GRE?

How do I ask for a letter of recommendation?

Advice on Letters of Recommendation

How do I write a good letter of intent (personal statement)?

Applying to Graduate School: Preparing a Personal Statement

How to write a compelling personal statement

Graduate School Guides

Preparing and Applying for Graduate School in Psychology

Psychology Graduate Degree Guide

Getting Into Graduate School Guide

APA Guide for Applying to Graduate School

Kisses of Death Article-What NOT to do-Grad Application Process

How can I advertise myself to grad schools?

The Council on Undergraduate Research hosts a Registry of Undergraduate Researchers. The purpose of this registry is to facilitate matchmaking between undergraduates who have research experience and a desire to pursue an advanced degree, with graduate schools seeking high quality students who are well prepared for research. Any undergraduate may go to www.cur.org/ugreg/ to fill out a simple curriculum vitae form. There is no charge to the student and records will be made available to bona fide Graduate Schools that contract with CUR for this service. Organizations or companies seeking the students’ information for other marketing purposes will not be granted access. Graduate School representatives may contact students to invite applications or visits to the campus and laboratory, or to share information about their research programs and financial support opportunities.

Graduate schools may provide a link to their websites, and may provide a short description of opportunities, such as research fields and fellowships.