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What do Dickinson psychology majors do after they graduate?

In a recent survey of over 100 psychology major graduates from Dickinson, 79% of respondents reported finding jobs immediately following the completion of their degree. Thirty-two percent pursued graduate school in the semester following their graduation. 

In the last ten years, what types of graduate programs have alumni pursued?

Within psychology 
Counseling: 19% 
Clinical: 15% 
School: 8% 
Neuroscience: 6% 
Behavior Analysis: 6% 
Developmental: 4% 
Industrial-Organizational: 2% 
Experimental/Cognitive: 2% 
Other Applied: 2% 

Related programs
Education/Special Education: 13% 
Medical School: 8% 
Social Work: 6% 
Law: 4% 

Other (ex. Humanities, Public Affairs, etc.): 8% 

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What job fields do Dickinson psychology majors end up working in?

Educational Applications: 26% 
Human Services Emphasis: 25% 
Business Emphasis: 25% 
Scientific Applications (Research or Medicine): 7% 
Behavior Analysis: 5% 
Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology: 2% 
Other: 8% 

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