Tavola italiana (Italian Table)

casa italiana group photo

Students enjoying an Italian dinner at the Casa italiana (Italian House).

The Tavola Italiana takes place on Wednesdays (see times and locations below). Most students first get their meal at the dining hall and then eat it at the Tavola Italiana, while other students choose to stop at the Tavola Italiana just to chat. All are free to come and go whenever they want.

What makes the Tavola Italiana particularly valuable is that students of different levels have the opportunity to interact with each other and the Italian professors contribute to the conversations in a way that makes even the shyest students comfortable.

All the professors have noticed that those students who regularly attend the Tavola Italiana significantly improve their conversation skills and are able to communicate more fluently. Isn't that what learning a foreign language is all about?

5:30-7:00PM - HUB Sideroom 202 before Fall Pause

12-1:15PM - HUB Sideroom 202 after Fall Pause


Micah Corso-Phinney '16 enjoying an espresso at one of our events.