Fall 2014

September 5 
Trout Gallery

Opening Reception: Arbus, Frank, Penn: Masters of Postwar American Photography. Exhibition continues through November 1, 2014.

October 2
Althouse Hall
Room 106
The Birth of the Paragone between Ancient Texts and Renaissance Sculpture. A lecture by Sarah Blake McHam, distinguished Professor of Art History at Rutgers University. 

October 22
Althouse Hall
Room 106

Reveal, Filter, Evolve, Effect: An Architect's View of Liberal Thinking. A lecture by Sylvia J. Smith, '73.

October 23
Weiss Center for the Arts
Room 235
5 - 6pm

Public Lecture by Stephen Perloff, Photographer and Photograph critic.

November 14
Trout Gallery
5 - 7pm

Opening Reception. Elsewhere: A Studio Art Faculty Exhibition. Exhibition continues through February 14, 2015.
November 18
Goodyear Gallery
5pm - 7pm
Opening Reception. Senior Studio Art Seminar: Works in Progress. Exhibition continues through December 12, 2014.


Room 106

The Goodyear Gallery

Goodyear Building (Cedar Street Entrance)
Tuesday - Friday | 3-5pm
Saturday 2-5pm 

Weiss Center for the Arts
240 West High Street 
Carlisle, PA 17013

  • Gallery 204 (2nd floor, between the Art & Art History Office and Music Office)
    Weiss Center for the Arts
    Monday - Friday | 8-4pm

  • Room 235 (2nd floor, lecture hall) 

  • Trout Gallery (1st Floor)
    Weiss Center for the Arts
    Tuesday - Saturday | 10am-4pm