Goodyear Gallery

The Goodyear Gallery serves the department of art & art history, the college community, by showcasing the work of contemporary and emerging artists, and studio art senior seminar work, which is an annual exhibition that takes place each fall. Gallery programming is focused on providing support to classes in the department and affording students the opportunity to learn from working artists by installing shows, and maintaining and curating the gallery space. Most exhibitions have opening receptions that often include artist talks and are open to the general public. *The gallery is located in the rear of the Goodyear Building near the studio art facilities and can be accessed by using the Cedar Street parking lot entrance. 

The Goodyear Project Wall

The Goodyear Project Wall is located outside of the Goodyear Gallery and is dedicated to large-scale public art projects that are collaborative in nature. The inaugural project for the wall took place in September of 2013 and featured a collaborative project between artist Paul Manlove and a group of fourteen students and faculty

*The Goodyear Gallery, Goodyear Building (Cedar Street Entrance)
Tuesday - Friday | 3-5pm
Saturday 2-5pm 

**Closed October 16-20


Upcoming events | Fall 2015

  • September 8-26 | Exhibition. Amy Boone-McCreesh: Tint and Repeat. Baltimore artist Amy Boone-McCreesh exhibits site-specific constructions that combine 2- and 3-D mixed media with vibrant collections of paper, textiles, found objects, unconventional materials and digital processes. The work is celebratory and exuberant, expressing the human impulse to push spatial and imagistic boundaries.
  • September 15 | Exhibition Reception. Amy Boone-McCreesh: Tint and Repeat.
  • October 6-31 | Exhibition.** Daniel Finch and Brenton Good: Impulse & Deliberation. Finch and Good will exhibit paintings from recent bodies of work, focusing on abstraction, archetypal characters and the dialogue between materiality and artist manipulation. Both artists are studio-art faculty at Messiah College.

    Past events include:

    • April 14 | Opening Reception and Artist Talk. 5-7pm. Emily Lehman, Post-Baccalaureate: Investigations. Exhibition continues though May 1, 2015.
    • March 16-23 | Public exhibition and demonstration. March 16-18 and March 22-27 10am-1pm. Reception Tuesday, March 24 5:30-7pm. Sylvia J. Smith Artist in Residence: Feng Weina
    • February 10 | Opening Reception and Artist Talk. 5-7pm. Meandering the Midst: paintings by Michael Wille. Exhibition continues through February 21, 2015. 
    • Senior Works in Progress Exhibition | November 2014
    • Tom Fischer | October 2014
    • Phillip Adams | September 2014
    • Arnie & Izzy Zimmerman | April 2014
    • Heccentricities | January 2014
    • Senior Works in Progress Exhibition | November 2013
    • Caroline Santa | October 2013
    • William Dibello | September 2013 

    You can review previous event information and future information by following our event blog or our facebook page.