Tuition Assistance to Attend Other Institutions

Tuition Assistance at another institution (in the form of a cash grant) is available only to dependent children under age 24. It applies only if such dependent child is attending an institution of higher education in the United States accredited by one of the six regional Associations of Schools and Colleges: New England, Middle States, North Central, Northwest, Southern, Western. This tuition assistance is limited to a maximum of four years of full-time study (eight semesters and one summer semester or the equivalent in part-time study), and shall be directed solely to the attainment of the bachelor's degree.

*Tuition assistance will only be available for tuition costs at Tuition Exchange participating institutions if the employee completed an application for Tuition Exchange in a timely manner and was denied Tuition Exchange. In that event, Tuition assistance will then be available.

Tuition assistance at another institution is provided only according to the Tuition Schedule of Benefits. Approved credit for prior years teaching experience at another educational institution will satisfy the waiting period. Tuition assistance is available for attendance in sponsored overseas programs as long as the student is pursuing a degree at the sponsoring institution and the cost is based on the normal tuition charges of the sponsoring institution, excluding any premium which might be paid as a result of the overseas program.

Requests for payment under the tuition assistance (cash grant) program should be directed to the Assistant Director of Human Resource Services. It is helpful to receive the payment request two weeks prior to the due date established by the other institution in which the child is enrolled.

Payments are made on a semester or quarterly basis depending on the attending school. The usual procedure is to divide the annual cash allotment per child between the semesters or quarters equally. Dickinson payment is sent directly to the institution.

In the event the faculty member or administrator is on an approved leave of absence for not more than one year, tuition assistance or remission will continue to be applicable.

Should a faculty member or administrator of the College retire or die, such support will continue with the amount of assistance or remission based upon years of service. For each two years of service, one year of tuition assistance or remission will be given per child.

If your child has been accepted at another school and the eligibility requirements are met, print and fill out the Tuition Assistance Form and return the completed form to Human Resource Services.