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Tuition Programs

Tuition Remission to Attend Dickinson College

(To attend Dickinson College only)

Tuition remission for attendance to Dickinson College only is available to the employee, spouse, and all dependent children under age 24 of any full-time member of the Dickinson staff.

Tuition remission is limited to a maxiumum of 32 courses (eight semesters and one summer semester or the equivalent in part-time study), per individual and does not extend to course work taken after completion of the minimum requirements for the bachelor's degree.

For a full-time employee who has completed one year of full-time service and who is admitted to the College under the regular admissions procedures, full tuition remission is provided.

For a full-time employee whose dependents are admitted to the College under the regular admissions procedures, tuition remission is provided only according to the Tuition Schedule of Benefits. Approved credit for prior years teaching experience at another educational institution will satisfy the waiting period.

All other fees beyond tuition, such as room and board, are your responsibility.

In the event the eligible employee is on an approved leave of absence for not more than one year, tuition assistance or remission will continue to be applicable.

Should an eligible employee of the college retire (see retirement eligibility) or die, tuition assistance or tuition remission will continue with the amount based upon years of service. For each two years of service, one year of tuition assistance or tuition remission will be given.

Eligibility for tuition benefits in no way guarantees admission to the College or obligates the Admissions Office to automatically admit Dickinson employees or their dependents. If your dependent is interested in attending Dickinson, you are strongly encouraged to set up an informational appointment with the Admissions Office prior to applying. This could be done as early as their freshman year in high school, but no later than the fall of their senior year in high school. Counseling services would be provided to the employee and the dependent about what it takes to be admitted to Dickinson and what the student needs to do to gain admittance.

Commonly asked questions:

Q. If I am only auditing a class, do I still need to fill out a Tuition Remission Form?
A. Yes.

Q. I work at Dickinson on a part-time basis, am I eligible for Tuition Remission?
A. No. You must work for the college full-time to be eligible for this benefit.

Q. As a Dickinson College retiree, can I and my eligible dependents receive Tuition Remission to audit a class?
A. Yes.

To apply for tuition remission, print the Tuition Remission Form, fill it out, and return it to Human Resource Services located at 55 N. West St.