Tuition Exchange to Attend Participating Institutions

We are pleased to announce the College’s renewed association with Tuition Exchange. Tuition Exchange was chartered in 1954 and is a national scholarship exchange program for institutions of higher education. The College rejoined Tuition Exchange in 1998 after a number of years absence.

All full-time employees with one year or more of full-time service will be eligible to participate in the Tuition Exchange Program.

The program allows dependent children of eligible employees at Dickinson, an opportunity to earn a scholarship at numerous participating colleges and universities nationwide. It also allows dependents of staff at the other membership institutions an opportunity to earn a scholarship here at Dickinson. Both incoming and outgoing scholarships are based on the membership institution’s regular admissions processes. Eligibility alone does not guarantee student acceptance into an institution or a scholarship award. Awards are competitive and not automatic. Unlike our existing tuition assistance program, our award for Tuition Exchange is the set rate amount of $35,000 for 2017-18 ($36,000 for 2018-19). Most participating institutions provide full tuition scholarships. Tuition Exchange participating schools are required to maintain a balance between the number of students it sends out and the number it brings in.

To apply, please complete the online Tuition Exchange Application Form at around the same time your dependent child is submitting their admissions application to a Tuition Exchange participating school.  It is best practice to notify Bernadette Pham (Dickinson’s Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer) after you submit the online Tuition Exchange Application Form, so Dickinson can review your application for approval before submitting it to the Liaison Officer at the identified Tuition Exchange participating school(s).  To ensure you are applying for Tuition Exchange timely, please review the Tuition Exchange website at under School Search or contact the school directly to inquire about their Tuition Exchange application deadline.  (Please Note:  Your child must apply timely for Tuition Exchange and be denied Tuition Exchange before their eligibility would be considered towards Dickinson’s Tuition Assistance benefit at a Tuition Exchange participating school.) 

If you would like to view the participating institutions, please check the Tuition Exchange website. In addition, if you or a family member have any questions please feel free to contact Human Resource Services.