hhip healthy rewards 2016-2017






Holistic Health Incentive Program (HHIP)


The Holistic Health Incentive Program is being offered to all full-time and part-time employees of Dickinson College. The incentive reward program for 2017-2018 will been announced soon, and contains lots of exciting healthy reward options! The first two steps to qualify for the incentive this year will continue to be completion of the biometric screening and the health risk assessment. Completing these two programs is part of the requirement to qualify participants at the Engaged level of the program.

Employees are able to earn incentive rewards through their participation in each component of our wellness programming. Your HHIP participation can be tracked throughout the year on the HHIP Healthy Rewards Tracking Form, and should be entered into the HHIP 2017-2018 Healthy Rewards Incentive reporting form at the end of the spring semester in May 2018. Details and descriptions of the HHIP program requirements will be shared soon. For questions or information about registering in the new online portal, please send an email or call Human Resource Services at (717) 254-8084.



The 2017-2018 Professional Development & Wellness programs are viewable in our monthly issues of Vitality, or in Totara via the Gateway! To support the sustainability initiative, we do not produce printed copies of our program catalog. For questions about the employee wellness or professional development programs, please send an email to devwell@dickinson.edu


Gym Membership Discount & Reimbursement Programs

As of July 1, 2012, all full-time and part-time employees are eligible to receive a 50% reimbursement of their monthly gym membership fees based on the gym selection of their choice with a maximum monthly reimbursement of $30 per month. To qualify for reimbursement, participants must attend the gym selected at least 30 times per quarter (10 times per month), and submit proof of attendance along with proof of fee payment to Jeanette Diamond in Human Resource Services at the end of each quarter. Quarters are defined as January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December.