Sustainable Investment Initiative

In June 2010, Investure LLC created the Sustainability Series of the Investure Global Equity Fund. Dickinson committed exactly 1% of its pooled endowment to this initiative, which provides an investment vehicle that will focus on investments that generate long-term social, environmental and economic value. Sectors targeted for investment include:

  • Investment in the supply chain of renewable energy, including wind, solar, hydro and geothermal
  • Energy storage investments
  • LEED certified real estate, including ratings of bronze, silver, gold and platinum
  • Investments in water conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions 

Dickinson is the third Investure client to join the initiative, along with the Rockefeller Brother’s Fund and Middlebury College. The College will seek additional gifts to match its 1% pledge, a value of roughly $3 million.