Current and Upcoming

Current Fundraisers:  Southside Deli Sub Sale


Ongoing: Box Tops for Education, Shoparoo, Giant A+ rewards program


We are collecting box tops and campbell's soup labels. Campbell's Soup Labels will discontinue their collections January, 2018, so get them in now!

For a complete list of products with Box Tops on them please visit the link.
Collect them and put them in the bin inside the office.

Put labels in specially marked bin inside the main office.

Print the eligible labels


2016-2017 Fundraisers
Fundraiser  Total Amount 
Giant Rewards $868.35
South Side Deli $349.75


Mini-Turkey Trot $5056.51
KidStuff Books $575.00
Pancake Breakfast $6544.61
Portraits $435.00
Box Tops $223.20
Original Works  
Holiday Cards $371.50
Total Amount: $14,484.82
Remaining: $515.18