Academic Program Assessment

Curricular Learning Goals  (As approved by APSC on March 17, 2008)
Learning goals are reviewed by our Academic Program and Standards Committee, which consists of students, faculty, and administrators, whenever a new course is proposed or a program is under review. The course and program learning goals necessarily mesh with our curricular requirements for foreign language learning, understanding domestic and cross-cultural differences, enhancing quantitative and writing skills, and appreciating the different modes of knowing represented by the humanities and the natural and social sciences. Dickinson students must take courses designed to meet these learning goals, which give breadth to their education, while developing their analytical abilities and mastery within a major field of study.

Our curricular learning goals are as follows:

First-year Seminar:  students should learn the rudiments of academic research and be able to present their findings and conclusions, clearly and coherently, both orally and in writing.

Quantitative Reasoning: students should be able to comprehend and create basic numerical and/or logical arguments.

Writing Intensive Course: students should deepen their ability to write clearly and develop their mastery of specific forms of disciplinary writing.

Modes of Knowing: students should be able to describe the questions that scholars in a particular discipline (arts & humanities, social, and natural sciences) ask and the methods they use to address them.

Cross-cultural studies:

Foreign Language Learning: students should attain foreign language proficiency by completing foreign language courses through the intermediate level.

U. S. Diversity: students should examine the commonalities and differences in American society through the lens of race/ethnicity, gender, class, religion, or sexual orientation.

Comparative Civilizations: students should contrast the traditions that shaped the modern West with traditions that have shaped a non-Western culture.

Please use the template for assessment plans.