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US Diversity Guidelines

Criteria for U S Diversity Courses

Criteria for US Diversity Course Designation
According to the College Bulletin, "To prepare students to function effectively in civic life and to help them gain a broader understanding of the commonalities and differences among cultures and values in the context of the making of American society, the college requires one course with a focus on U.S. diversity. U.S. diversity is a comparative course that focuses on the history of cultures based on race/ethnicity, gender, class, religion and/or sexual orientation. A single course that fulfills this and other requirements may be used to fulfill each requirement, but counts as only one of the 32 required for graduation."
Please submit a course description if it is different from the College Bulletin description, and a syllabus, if available. Submit requests to Jorge Sagastume. In the email, please describe the content of the course which you believe renders it suitable for fulfilling the US Diversity requirement.