Fall 2009 Physics Colloquium

Unless otherwise noted, lunch is served 15 minutes before each colloquium.  Colloquium schedules from other semesters can be found at the *Colloquium Archive*.

Tuesday, Sept. 8, 12:05 pm
Welcome back message from the Chair, Prof. Hans Pfister
Kristen Recine & Anubhav Mohan - "Summer Research Studying NGC 2362"

Tuesday, Sept. 22, 12:05 pm
Dr. Jerry Gollub - Haverford College
"Swimming Synamics of Algae Cells and the Fluid Motion they Produce"

Tuesdsay, Oct. 15, 7:30pm in ATS
Joseph Priestley Lecture

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus - University of California, Irvine
"What's the matter with memory?"

Tuesday, October 27, 12:05 pm
Dr. Pratibha Jolly - University of Helhi (India)
"Transforming Classrooms, Teaching & Student Learning at the Tertiary Level"

Tuesday, November 10, 12:05 pm
Dr. Arlan Mantz - Connecticut College
"The Study of Molecular Line Parameters at Very Low Temperature Using Tunable Diode Lasers"

Monday, November 16, 4:30pm
Sigma-Pi-Sigma Induction Ceremony (Dinner to follow in the HUB Social Hall West)

Dr. Jeremiah Williams '98 - Wittenburg University
"Measurement of the Thermal Properties of a Complex (dusty) Plasma"

Monday, Dec. 7, 4:30pm, Tome 115
Senior Research Talks!

Zachary Carson - "Quantum Optics: Violating Local Realism"
Kelly Maurer - "A Search for Extrasolar Planetary Transits"

Tuesday, Dec. 8, 12:05pm, Tome 115
Senior Research Talks!

Eric Dornbush - "An Investigation of Classical Nova V723 Gas and Introduction to Photometric Processes"
Sam Wheeler - "An Experimental Search for Backwards-Wave Solitons"

Thursday, Dec. 10, 12:05pm, Tome 115
Senior Research Talks!

Daniel Barnak - "Diagnostics of a Closed Drift Hall Thruster"
Mara Anderson - "Rainbows in Space: Preparing the SBIG ST8 Spectrograph"