Fall 2021 Physics Colloquium

Thursday, September 16th
Professor Hans Pfister will present "The BBHV Gen, 3D Absorbers, Div and Curl, AGLR and Other Inventions"
Professor Robert Boyle and Cameron Graham will present "Stars that Flow and Float"
Emma Behta, Hillel Finder & Professor Lars English will present "Why is a Firefly Like a Metronome"

Tome 115
Pizza provided

Tuesday, November 16th
Sigma Pi Sigma Keynote Speaker & Induction Ceremony

Elon Gordon '18, Mechanical Engineer, Columbia University SEAS

Elon Gordon is a Mechanical Engineer at Redwire Space (formerly Made In Space), developing in-space manufacturing technologies on the cutting edge of the space industry. As a mechanical design engineer on Archinaut One, the world’s first self-manufacturing satellite, he is responsible for delivering the Extended Structures Additive Manufacturing Machine (ESAMM), Archinaut One’s core technology. In addition to his hardware work at Redwire, Elon leads a grassroots movement to involve engineers in strategic and visionary development, and in doing so, seeks to guide the industry towards positive outcomes for humanity and life on Earth. He has led conversations on this through his company-wide discussion series, Ideas Night, and led the first-place winning team in NASA’s Break the Ice challenge, a centennial competition focused on lunar regolith mining for water ice extraction and processing.

Prior to his time at Redwire, Elon worked in the semiconductor industry, developing precision actuators for ASML’s next-generation Extreme-UV photolithography machine. During his time at Columbia University, Elon found academic success by pursuing his interests with excellence and commitment. He led a team of students in the design of a sustainable concept aircraft for the NASA Advance Aeronautics Design Competition. As a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory he developed structural health monitoring techniques for additively manufactured parts. He developed robotics for the Columbia Engineering senior design, taking home the first-place popular vote at the expo.

His time at Dickinson prepared him for that which came after, teaching him fundamental problem solving skills, imparting a first-principles mindset, and giving him opportunities to develop his skills through school projects. At Dickinson he did research on a novel solar air heater design, became a leader in student senate, and placed as a finalist in the Innovation Competition at Dickinson.

4:30 pm Tome 115 Talk & Induction Ceremony
Join us as we induct our newest members into Sigma Pi Sigma - Emma Behta '22 and Kyle Gimmy '22