110 Animal Learning and Cognition

125 Brain and Behavior w/Lab

130 Perception, Memory & Thought

135 Psychology of Women and Gender

140 Social Psychology

145 Psychology of Human Sexuality

150 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology

155 Child Development

165 Psychopathology

175 Introduction to Community Psychology

180 Topics in Psychology

185 Survey of Psychology

201 Design of Psychological Research

202 Analysis of Psychological Data

310 Research Methods in Animal Learning

315 Research Methods in Drugs and Behavior

325 Research Methods in Biological Psychology

330 Research Methods in Cognitive Psychology

335 Research Methods in Gender and Sexuality

340 Research Methods in Social Psychology

350 Research Methods in Cross-Cultural Psychology

355 Research Methods in Child Development

365 Research Methods in Clinical Psychology

375 Research Methods in Community Psychology

380 Research Methods in Psychology: Special Topics

410 Seminar in Learning

425 Seminar in Biological Psychology

430 Seminar in Cognitive Psychology

435 Gender and Sexual Identities

440 Seminar in Social Psychology

450 Intergroup Relations and Cultural Psychology

455 Seminar in Dev Psychopathology

465 Seminar in Clinical Psychology

475 Seminar in Community Psychology

480 Seminar in Advanced Topics