This is the major for students who want a solid grounding in business and economics while exploring international cultural, political and business environments. The core of the program is a series of business, economics and foreign-language courses with an international orientation. Students typically select a single international region for additional coursework. Students are encouraged to take advantage of academic year, semester and summer international immersion programs. These programs often include internship opportunities that connect majors with the world of international business.

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The international business & management major was established in 1997. Graduates of the program are successfully working in a variety of careers within all three sectors—private, public and civil society.

The international business & management major is not a conventional business major. In contrast to traditional business programs, the major is grounded in the belief that a liberal-arts education best prepares individuals for the challenges of an increasingly globalized society. This preparation is accomplished by seamlessly creating opportunities across multiple settings for students to develop and integrate knowledge and skills in core management disciplines, the humanities, foreign-language proficiency and cross cultural literacy.

Ultimately, by providing students with a practical education, it is our goal to nurture a new generation of leaders who possess those Dickinson dimensions required to inspire others to generate creative, integrative and ethical solutions to the global challenges of the 21st century. The habits and actions comprising these dimensions include the development of a global sensibility; a willingness to engage the world by seeking connections that generate meaningful action and outcomes; and a commitment to practice civility and strive for accountability when seeking these solutions.

It is our strong belief that the best place to nurture the next generation of leaders is not in a conventional business program, but in a program like ours based on a liberal education and focused on the development of global perspective that a globally focused, liberal-arts college like Dickinson can offer. The faculty of international business & management are committed to collaboration with our students to make their study at Dickinson a fruitful experience that will become the foundation of lifelong learning and lifetime success.

Michael J. Fratantuono, Department Chair
Associate Professor of International Studies, Business and Management

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Michael J. Fratantuono
Associate Professor of International Studies, Business and Management

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Mary Ann Leidigh
Academic Department Coordinator


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