Lars English Honored by the American Physical Society

Lars English in a lab

Dickinson Professor of physics earns 'Faculty Member for Research in an Undergraduate Institution' recognition

The American Physical Society has awarded the 2024 Prize for a Faculty Member for Research in an Undergraduate Institution—one of the most prestigious awards in physics education—to Professor of Physics Lars English. The prize recognizes a physicist whose research in an undergraduate setting has achieved wide recognition and contributed significantly to physics, and who has contributed substantially to the professional development of undergraduate physics students.

English was selected for the prize for his innovative experiments involving Dickinson students on nonlinear patterns in electrical lattices and networks. His work has elucidated the interplay of nonlinearity and geometry in the emergence of coherent spatial and temporal structures. This research has important implications for understanding a wide range of phenomena, from the formation of patterns in nature to the design of new electronic devices.

English has published roughly 50 peer-reviewed papers and is also a recipient of the RCSA Cottrell College Science Award, which recognizes outstanding teachers and researchers committed to integrating research and education.


Published October 30, 2023