Student Snapshot: Seblewongel Enyew '24

Seblewongel Enyew '24

Seblewongel Enyew ’24 is a neuroscience major and peer educator who was named a recipient of the Forney P. George Scholarship, awarded to students who demonstrate a commitment to human values and are preparing to enter the medical field. She came to Dickinson from Ethiopia, and she enjoys being able to connect closely with professors and classmates.


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.




S.A.I.D. Peer Educator, Women of Color Summit, Psychology Club and Black Student Union.


Forney P. George Scholar Award.

Change A Life, Change the WorldOn choosing Dickinson:

Dickinson was a right fit for me because I value having close interactions with my professors and classmates. The college’s size, along with the generous scholarship that I was granted, made me decide to attend Dickinson.

Favorite movie:

The Lion King.

Favorite place on campus:

The Academic Quad.

Favorite class so far:

Arab American Literature and Culture with Adjunct Faculty in English and American Studies Stacey Suver. The class focuses on the questions of identity, culture and meaning of home that people face when moving into a different country. I find this interesting, as it relates to my experience as an international student.

Favorite professor so far:

Stacey Suver.

Best thing about my Dickinson experience so far:

Aside from the amazing education, the best thing about my Dickinson experience is meeting new people from all over the world and learning about their cultures and ways of life.

Best thing about my major:

I get to learn about the nervous system and the brain, along with the coordination that happens between the brain and the body. I find this fascinating, because this dynamic system governs how we function as persons, and it controls simple and complex human behaviors.

Favorite off-campus spot:

Lindner Park, near Goodyear Apartments.

If I could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, it would be …

The Weekend!

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Published June 25, 2022