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The Campaign for Scholarships at Dickinson

Change a Life—Change the World

  • JAlice A. Agyekum
    “Dickinson has helped me secure externship and internship experiences with UPMC Pinnacle, which have solidified my career goals. Such opportunities are a few of the many ways a Dickinson education prepares students for the wider world.”

    Alice A. Agyekum ’22

    a double major in mathematics and pre-health and member of Dickinson’s tennis team, Black Student Union and Catholic Campus Ministry
  • Hussien H. Eldesouky
    “My family and I are grateful that Dickinson and donors to the college help students to continue with their studies when financial concerns might interrupt them.”

    Hussien H. Eldesouky ’23

    a Cairo native and recipient of Dickinson’s Global Campus Scholarship
  • Saige M. Stevens
    “Your investment makes my education possible. My experience at Dickinson has been better than I ever could have dreamed.”

    Saige M. Stevens ’23

    a law & policy and political science double major, student athlete, class representative and Student Athletic Advisory Committee student-leader
  • Jack Buck
    “My education will certainly not stop with Commencement. My years at Dickinson helped foster my love of learning, and I plan to carry that mindset into my future careers and personal life.”

    Jack Buck ’21

    a biology major, peer tutor and Outing Club member
  • Ayana Rahman
    “Thanks to scholarship donors, I was able to stay in the U.S. as an international student, gain exceptional research experience and make valuable connections."

    Ayana Rahman ’22

    a physics and theatre double major who simulated planetary orbits and studied gravitational waves through two remote research internships

This campaign seeks to raise enough money to make sure that every Dickinson student who needs a scholarship gets a scholarship. The goal is to make sure that we provide sufficient aid to meet the full demonstrated need for every student we admit—to make sure financial constraints never prevent potential Dickinsonians from experiencing this life-changing, and world-changing, education.

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To reach this goal, we will raise $75 million, with one simple but powerful ask to our donor community: Change a life—change the world.

of Dickinson’s annual budget is dedicated to financial aid and scholarships.

Nearly 90% of this funding
comes directly from the college’s
operating budget.

of current students need financial aid to attend Dickinson.

The average aid package
surpasses $36,000 per year.

of Dickinsonians are employed, completing an internship, attending graduate school or pursuing a fellowship within one year of graduation.

Average Dickinson Student Loan Debt: $19K
National Average: $33K

By investing in this effort, you will change a student’s life, you will help provide this transformational experience to someone who couldn’t afford it without your help. But you’ll also change the world, because Dickinson graduates don’t keep the benefits of this education to themselves. They become the doctors and scientists fighting disease; the entrepreneurs and business leaders solving problems and creating jobs; the nonprofit leaders, lawyers—and even the judges—creating a more just and equitable world; the artists, teachers and performers who move us, inspire us and help us understand the world. They join all the Dickinsonians out there making a difference every day.










Learn more about all the ways you can support the campaign.


masked girl working on her laptop
making a 3-fold difference

Without the current level of scholarships and financial aid, more than 1,200 current students would simply not be able to attend Dickinson. To continue to prepare future global leaders from all walks of life, regardless of their families’ financial situation, we must do everything we can to keep this priceless education affordable.

1  Changes lives by making the Dickinson experience possible for someone who couldn’t otherwise afford it

2  Helps Dickinson recruit top students and raise the academic profile of the college

3  Helps build a brighter tomorrow by preparing future global leaders

Your gifts at work:

Investing in Excellence


“Dickinson opened my eyes to perspectives I had never thought of before. I realize that I would not be here if it weren’t for many people who have helped me along the way. I believe that one chooses their family, and that families are not necessarily families because of blood. I will never be able to repay them. However, I can always pay it forward.”

— Liam Stenson Ortiz ’19,
who studied biochemistry & molecular biology and is currently preparing for medical school with the intent of using his language skills in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese to practice medicine internationally for an organization such as Doctors Without Borders


“My time at Dickinson has been incredible. I am engaging so many valuable experiences that my friends at home never dreamed of. Dickinson has helped me discover my passions and has given me all the tools necessary to make an impact in the world. I get to study what I love, embrace new cultures and make my dreams come true—all things that would be impossible without your scholarship. I am incredibly thankful.”

— Nicole Tamvaka ’20,
a neuroscience and mathematics double major who recently interned in the Mayo Clinic’s neurogenetics lab to help prepare for a career researching treatments for neurodegenerative disorders


“Dickinson changed my life, and I would never have gotten here without scholarship support. I got here because people created an avenue for me to succeed.”

—Kevin Ssonko ’20,
a political science major who earned Dickinson’s George Shuman Jr. Prize for superior academic performance and outstanding contributions to the extracurricular life of the college and community

“Without your support, I would not be able to attend Dickinson. I come from a neighborhood in Los Angeles plagued with alcoholism, drugs, gangs, dropping out and teen pregnancies. I have worked hard to one day become the first person in my family to graduate from college. Your scholarship support is an important reason I am able to afford to leave my neighborhood and study at Dickinson. And after I graduate, my goal is to open a high school in my community.”

—Diego Alonso ’21, a mathematics and computer science major who recently interned with the Campbell Scholars Program, where he helped underprivileged high-achieving Latinx high school students prepare for college.