Sam Rose '58 Launches $10-million Change a Life Challenge

Rose Challenge Video Announcement

Rose Challenge Video Announcement

Challenge gift to match the next $10 million in scholarship gifts

Dickinson President John E. Jones III ’77, P’11, announced yesterday that Sam Rose ’58, one of Dickinson's biggest scholarship donors, has launched the $10 million Change a Life Challenge. Through this challenge, Sam will match the next $10 million given toward scholarships, helping Dickinson successfully complete our historic Change a Life—Change the World Campaign for Scholarships.

Read President Jones' message to the Dickinson community below:

When we launched the Change a Life—Change the World Scholarship Campaign two years ago, we were committed to making a historic impact on scholarships and financial aid at Dickinson. Our goal was simple and bold—we wanted to raise the funds to provide a scholarship for every student who needs one.  

Over the last two years, that’s exactly what we’ve been working toward as we continue to move Dickinson Forward. Thanks to gifts from more than 4,400 of you, totaling nearly $55 million, we’ve created 100 new permanently endowed scholarship funds and provided grants and scholarships to more than 1,800 students each year. 

This has enabled us to be one of only a select group of institutions in the nation that meet the full demonstrated financial need of every admitted student. We should all take pride in the work we’ve done to make this priceless education affordable.

But make no mistake—we’re not done yet. We’re over 70% toward our $75-million goal, but now is the time we truly need to pull together to cross the finish line. 

I’ve got good news on that front. A legendary Dickinsonian, and one of our biggest scholarship donors, has just come forward to lead that charge. Sam Rose ’58 is launching the $10 million Change a Life Challenge. 

Through this challenge, Sam is pledging to match the next $10 million given toward scholarships, now through June 2025. That means that with your help, Sam’s challenge will generate the $20 million needed to meet our scholarship campaign goal. More importantly, it will make sure financial constraints never prevent potential Dickinsonians from joining this community.

Like most Dickinsonians, Sam has long been dedicated to championing the underdog and leveling the playing field, and this challenge is his way of giving every member of this community an opportunity to do that. We may not all have the ability to make a $20-million gift, but thanks to Sam, we all now have the ability to be part of one. 

This challenge is just one of the many ways we’re building momentum through Dickinson Forward. You’ve likely seen the recent announcement about the new Business & Finance Network or the recent completion of work on the John M. Paz ’78 Alumni & Family Center, which we’ll celebrate later this spring. And there are more exciting announcements about Dickinson’s future on the horizon, which you’ll hear more about in the coming weeks.

So today, I invite you to be part of this momentum, help finish what we started and join Sam and me in the Change a Life Challenge. Together, we can make sure every student with the potential to be a great Dickinsonian can afford this life-changing, world-class education.

To make your gift and track our progress, visit 


John E. Jones III ’77, P’11
Dickinson College

Published January 24, 2024