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Expanding Access and Combating Income Inequality

“Your scholarship has opened a door, many doors. My family faced the financial challenges of life in a less-privileged community, and the experience made me question the feasibility and even the value of a college education. Thanks to you, life is brighter… Together, you and Dickinson will help me grow into a successful person and physician.” 

Perhaps no scholarship can make a bigger impact than a scholarship for a student who wouldn’t be able to afford Dickinson without significant financial assistance. 

Income inequality and the growing wealth gap pose formidable social and political challenges. According to the Pew Research Center, over the last two decades in the U.S., high-income families saw median wealth increases of 33%, while middle income families saw their net worth shrink by 20%, and lower-income families’ wealth decreased by 45%. 

This kind of wealth disparity stifles opportunity, trapping potentially high-achieving students in a cycle of poverty. Your scholarship gift has the power to break this cycle. By establishing a scholarship for high-need students, you open the doors to a bright future for those students, their families, and the world. In this way, your scholarship gift doesn’t just change individual lives. It helps to fight national and global concerns. Your scholarship gift creates equity, opportunity and social progress. 

As Pablo's story shows, scholarship giving can have a far-reaching impact. When you change the life of a student, you also change the lives of everyone whom that student impacts. In this way, when you change a life through schoalrships, you truly change the world.

Taking the Next Steps

If you would like to explore establishing an endowed fund supporting scholarships for high-need  students, please call 800-543-3809 or email

If you would like to support scholarships through the Dickinson Fund, make your gift online and choose “Scholarships” as the designation, call 800-543-3809 or email