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Student Snapshot: Elly Do '22

Elly Do '22, a double major in computer science and mathematics at Dickinson College.

Elly Do ’22 is a double major in computer science and mathematics who hails from Vietnam. She’s the 2021 recipient of the Howard Lane Rubendall Senior Scholarship, a prestigious award bestowed annually to a rising senior who has demonstrated “the highest distinction in the areas of leadership, scholarship and service” at Dickinson. 


Hanoi, Vietnam. 


Computer science and mathematics. 

Clubs and organizations:   

Department of Resident Life & Housing (RA), Inclusivity in STEM Committee and Computer Science and Mathematics Major Committee. 


American Mathematical Society Student Membership Award, David Long Memorial Scholarship for Music Performance Studies, Forrest E. Craver Memorial Prize in Mathematics and 2021 Howard Lane Rubendall Senior Scholarship. 

Favorite book:  

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.  

Favorite movie:  


Best thing about my Dickinson experience:  

At Dickinson, I am fortunate to have good friends and supportive professors. I have learned a lot from them, and they have helped me become a better version of myself.  

Favorite place on campus:  

Adams Hall.   

Favorite Dining Hall food:  

Chocolate flourless cake.  

Best thing about my major:  

Both the computer science and mathematics introductory courses include lab work, where students are usually paired up and work together. I think doing the lab assignment is a good way for us to truly understand the theoretical concepts. Besides, through the lab, classmates can get to know each other more. My lab partners and I have become good friends.  

As I kid, I wanted to be … 

… a scientist.  

Post-Dickinson plans:  

I plan to enroll in a mathematics Ph.D. program to continue my mathematical study. I am intrigued by the fascinating application and the beauty of the logic behind mathematical proofs. Because of this, I would like to spend more time exploring mathematics and delve into my mathematical field of interest.  

Little-known hobby/talent:  

I do digital arts. I like the arts, especially drawing and painting digitally. With a portable tablet, I can easily do arts in different places.  

Proudest accomplishment so far:  

At the beginning of the fall 2021 semester I received the 2021 Howard Lane Rubendall Senior Scholarship. It is the most prestigious honor awarded annually by the president of the college to a rising senior who has demonstrated the highest distinction in the areas of leadership, scholarship and service at Dickinson. 

On studying abroad:  

Because of the pandemic, I was not able to have a chance to travel internationally to study abroad in a different country during my junior year, but I did participate in the online Budapest Semesters in Mathematics (BSM) program, which is designed for North American undergraduates. I took that course concurrently with my full-time study at Dickinson. The coursework was challenging, and it gave me an opportunity to practice my mathematical problem-solving and proof-writing skills.  

Most important thing I’ve learned so far:  

Mental health is as important as physical health. Over the summer between my junior and senior year, I learned to understand that and to build more productive habits that help nurture my mental well-being. I also learned the importance of maintaining good habits. Doing a set of good habits consistently can increase our chances of achieving our goals and help us to improve the quality of our lives.

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Published December 15, 2021