Podcast: The Psychology of a Pandemic

Carlisle Can


We talk with Professor of Psychology Marie Helweg-Larsen and alumnae Laurel Peterson ’06 and Sarah DiMuccio ’15 about their research into what predicts coronavirus risk perceptions. Peterson is an associate professor of psychology at Bryn Mawr College and DiMuccio is pursuing her doctorate at NYU.

Also in this episode: Puzzlemaster and Associate Professor of Mathematics Jeff Forrester returns with a new question. President Margee Ensign discusses Dickinson’s new master’s program in managing complex disasters and reopening at the start of the spring semester.



The Psychology of a Pandemic

New, collaborative research among Dickinson psychology professor Marie Helweg-Larsen and two alumnae looks at what predicts coronavirus risk perceptions. We’ll explore how what the researchers are learning could help governments, businesses and nonprofits with their messaging around COVID-19. Helweg-Larsen's expertise and commentary on the pandemic has been featured in The New York Times, The Conversation, Wisconsin Public Radio and several other news outlets.

Puzzler: “Better Watch Your Step”

“An escutcheon, perhaps? Well, not exactly. Then how shall we know it? By its symbols, of course, which represented both the mission and the zeitgeist: A nod to freedom of religion, a doff to the Sons of Liberty, a symbol of science that Galileo would have been proud of. And how shall we make freedom safe? Well, if you’re up on your Latin, you know it suggests the answer: Through character and learning. And while our object isn’t something you might find in a minefield, tradition holds that you better not step on it.”

Listen to the new question at the 3:05 mark below.

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President Margee Ensign

President Ensign discusses the launch of Dickinson’s first graduate program, and she tells us the latest about the college’s spring semester plans.

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Published January 25, 2021