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Podcast: How Students and Educators Can Lead the Fight Against Climate Change

Photo of an auditorium filled with people listening to two people seated on a stage.

BE.Hive On Campus Summit attendees listen to a discussion with Chef Tim Ma and Associate Professor of International Business and Management Helen Takacs. Photo by Carl Socolow '77.

The Good: Season 3, Episode 3 - October 2019

In this episode, we hear how behavior change can impact climate change during a visit to the BE.Hive On Campus summit at Dickinson. Associate Professor of Mathematics Jeff Forrester reveals the answer to last episode’s puzzler, and his new question takes us into the world of ideas. Email your answer to by Nov. 4 for a chance to win Dickinson swag. Plus, President Margee Ensign tells us how three recent happenings underscore Dickinson’s leadership in global education.



BE.Hive On Campus

We visit the Oct. 5 BE.Hive On Campus summit, a collaboration among conservation organization Rare and Dickinson, to learn how behavior change can fight climate change and how college campuses are leading the charge. You can view a video and photos from the event.

Puzzler: Shaping the Future

"Ideas! Ideas are the grist of innovation! They say necessity is the mother of invention—well, the watchword of the 21st century is bound to be 'innovation.' Where do they come from, these ideas? Dickinson thinks it has the answer. Who can contribute, and how? Can they come from students, alumni, professors, administrators? Yes, yes, yes and yes. How can we learn about them, what’s the vehicle? That’s our question for today. Its name might sound like something you could read about in 'Common Sense,' but this isn’t the 18th century, and I doubt you can get Poor Richard to help you with your submission."

Listen to the new question at the 1:25 mark below.

Email your answer to by Nov. 4, 2019, for a chance to win Dickinson swag.

President Margee Ensign

President Ensign discusses three examples of Dickinson's global leadership, including the recent Global Engagement in the Liberal Arts Conference.

The Good is produced by Craig Layne and Christine Baksi in association with Dickinson College's Office of Marketing & Communications. Craig Layne is the host. The podcast's theme music was composed by Jong Ho Choi '18. 

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Published October 17, 2019