Dickinsonian off to Germany for Fulbright’s IEA Seminar

amity fox

Photo by Carl Socolow '77.

Amity Fox latest Dickinsonian to become Fulbrighter

As one of Dickinson’s Fulbright Program Advisors, Amity Fox ’04, dean & director of internships, externships and fellowships, has shepherded many student through the application process, leading to stunning success for Dickinsonians over the years. And now she’s joining their ranks, heading overseas through Fulbright’s International Education Administrators (IEA) seminar.

“I’m most looking forward to engaging in a form of experiential learning that I cherish: an immersive international experience,” says Fox, who will spend two weeks in Germany in late October. “I’m excited to learn and reflect, build professional and personal connections, and ultimately find ways to strengthen the resources I can provide to students, colleagues and my professional field.”

IEA seminars are designed to help internationally focused U.S. education professionals explore global societal, cultural and higher education systems. And Fox says she’ll explore new strategies to further engage and serve international students on campus and students studying abroad.

“A key goal of the Fulbright programs is to foster mutual understanding and people-to-people connections, and Dickinsonians are well prepared and positioned because global education is a pillar of the Dickinson experience,” she says. “Through innovative education-abroad programming, the integration of our international students and scholars and international dimensions of the Dickinson curriculum, our students engage in active learning and foster intellectual curiosity about the world.”


Published October 9, 2019