Dickinson College Trustees on Campus for Midwinter Meeting

Dickinson Archway

Photo by Carl Socolow '77

Three-day visit includes discussions, small group meetings and career lecture

by MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson

Most of the year, the influence of Dickinson’s Board of Trustees is felt on campus but not seen. But this week, you’ll have a chance to interact with the alumni leaders who help guide the college as they come to Carlisle for a three-day visit, one of three such meetings each year.

Dickinson’s Board of Trustees is the college’s governing body, a group of industry experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs and scholars who have fiduciary responsibility for the college. Among their responsibilities are to review and approve the annual budget, elect and evaluate the performance of the president and preside over matters of basic policy. In recent years, the board also has included two Young Alumni Trustees—new alumni who serve two-year terms on the board, beginning immediately after graduation, and bring the fresh perspective to board discussions that only a new graduate can provide.

Board members serve on a variety of committees—including the Executive Committee, made up of the committee chairs—which focus on academics, philanthropic support and engagement, board governance, the recruitment of new trustees, admissions and financial aid policies, facilities, finances, investments, honorary degrees and student life.

This week, board members arrive for their midwinter meeting. While on campus, they’ll do more than simply gather around a shiny table to discuss college business and meet candidates for the class of ’19 Young Alumni Trustee. They’ll also get out and about, visiting classrooms and checking in with students, professors and employees about what’s happening on the ground at Dickinson today. And they'll connect with fellow Dickinsonians during a joint board-Alumni Council meeting, held once every two years.

One board member will additionally carve out time to share career information and advice he’s accrued: On Thursday, Craig Weeks ’77 will deliver a 4:30 p.m. lecture in Biddle House, sharing information about his decades-long career in global transaction banking, sometimes referred to as the “liberal arts of banking,” and how it fits into a Dickinson global education.


Published January 29, 2019