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Young Alumni Trustee

Young Alumni Trustee

Young Alumni Trustee Overview

At its spring 2011 meeting, the Board of Trustees of Dickinson College voted to designate two new, distinctive positions on the board specifically for graduating seniors as they make the transition from students to alumni. The Young Alumni Trustee position brings a unique voice to board discussions and meetings, as well as assists the board in developing open and meaningful connections with the student body. Most importantly, the Young Alumni Trustee provides the full board with a current perspective that benefits the genesis and refinement of policies that enhance and support the mission of the college.

To apply for the Young Alumni Trustee position, one must complete the online application and submit two letters of recommendation (one of which needs to be from a member of the Dickinson faculty). Successful candidates will interview with the on-campus selection committee and ultimately, finalists will meet with the Committee on Governance, a committee of the Board of Trustees whose members select and put forward one name to the full board for election. Once elected, the name of the new Young Alumni Trustee will remain confidential until the official announcement during the Commencement ceremony.

Trusteeship at Dickinson College will richly reward you, should you apply and be elected to serve. The Young Alumni Trustee position is a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve on a governing body composed of industry experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs and scholars, to ensure the ongoing success of the liberal arts and affect the lives of generations of future Dickinsonians. 


Jordyn Ney

Jordyn Ney

Class of 2023

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Major: Political Science

What is a treasured Dickinson memory? One of my most treasured memories from Dickinson was taking Professor David O’Connell’s Religion in American Politics Course. Not only was that course essential in developing a deeper understanding of American political behavior, but it served as a forum for thoughtful reflection on my preexisting beliefs. Countless times, I remember engaging in meaningful dialogue with students of different political and religious perspectives. I greatly valued this exposure to new ways of thinking and believed this class helped me grow personally and academically.

Why did you apply for the YAT position? I applied to be the next YAT because this college changed my life in ways I never imagined, and I wanted to be part of the community that helped make my Dickinson experience a reality. When I arrived at Dickinson, I had a completely different view of the purpose of higher education. I saw it as a means to an end - a way to obtain a degree. However, throughout my time at Dickinson, I developed a new way of thinking. Dickinson showed me the value of education for intellectual curiosity - as both the means and the end. Dickinson made me a more engaged citizen and passionate learner, and I wanted to give back to the place that made me who I am today.

What does it mean to you to serve as a YAT? Serving as the next YAT means an opportunity to engage more closely with the incredible individuals who shape Dickinson and make it the wonderful place it is. It means a chance to understand my classmates' needs better and act as the link between the student body and the Board of Trustees. It means a responsibility to become fully informed about the unique needs facing liberal arts colleges and apply what I learn for the betterment of the college. I am truly honored and humbled to serve in this position

Shea Player

Shea Player

Class of 2022

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Major: Chemistry

What is a treasured Dickinson memory? One of my most treasured Dickinson memories is serving as Student Senate President. It allowed me the opportunity to use the skills I'd developed in previous leadership positions on campus in a different way and presented me with new and exciting challenges that have undoubtedly prepared me for my future. As Student Senate President, I formed treasured relationships with other student leaders, faculty, college administration, and most importantly, my peers.

Why did you apply for the YAT position? Since I first began at Dickinson , I knew I wanted to find ways to give back during my time and after graduation. I applied for the YAT position because I love Dickinson and it's a meaningful way for me to give back and stay connected.

What does it mean to you to serve as a YAT? I feel extremely honored to serve as a Young Alumni Trustee. When I reflect back to freshman year, I never imagined that I'd be serving on the Board of Trustees, alongside some of the most ardent supporters of the college. I am excited at the possibilities and for the direction of Dickinson.

Joanne Adebayo

Joanne Adebayo

Class of 2021

Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey

Major: International Business & Management, Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation

What is a treasured Dickinson memory? It's really difficult to choose one treasured memory, but I will say that one of my favorite parts of being on campus was running into friends, faculty and staff who became important members of my Dickinson experience on my way to class, work or club meetings. Those quick hellos that sometimes would turn into deep check-ins always gave me perspective and reminded me that there is more to life than the daily stresses of balancing everything. It helped me realize that the experiences that would stand out to me years after post grad would not be about the numerous papers I wrote or the exams I stressed out about, but the people and the lessons I learned from them.

Why did you apply for the YAT position? So much of my Dickinson experience was dedicated to making the college better, whether that was formally through extracurriculars or informally through my interactions with other members of the Dickinson community. I was able to hear various perspectives from students, faculty, staff and alumni throughout my time at Dickinson, and I knew those perspectives would be critical when considering the impact of strategic planning in the future. Applying for the YAT position felt like a natural progression, and I knew I could offer my experiences and perspective where it would matter the most.

What does it mean to you to serve as a YAT? I feel a sense of responsibility for sharing the student perspective but also staying connected with current students who have navigated a pandemic-filled undergrad with so many uncertainties. This is such a transitional time for the college, and my hope is that I can add perspective as we plan for the future while continuing to advocate for the people who make up the Dickinson community. Serving as the YAT also is a tremendous opportunity for my own personal growth and professional development. It is rare to be placed among several well experienced and highly successful individuals right out of college. I would say it usually takes people their entire careers to have access to the wealth of expertise and perspective present on the board. This is something I don't take for granted, and I look forward to learning and growing over the next two years.

Sara Nash

Sara Nash

Class of 2019

Hometown: Mansfield, MA

Major: Mathematics

What is a treasured Dickinson memory? One of my most memorable experiences was conducting research alongside Jackie Joyce '19, Prof. Susan Rose, and Dean Bylander to produce a docuseries that could serve as a snapshot into Dickinson's campus climate. Throughout the process, I got to know many incredible Dickinsonians and could feel the power of storytelling. It was meaningful to be part of a project that elevated student voices and could influence policy changes to better the student experience. When I chose to attend Dickinson, I was looking for an interdisciplinary experience, so the opportunity to conduct this research with the sociology department as a Math major was incredibly special.

Why did you apply for the YAT position? On campus, I was actively involved in the shared governance system that empowers students to contribute to campus policy and decision-making. I could see the value of sharing the student experience in these spaces and hoped to continue to provide insight during my time as a young alumnus.

What does it mean to you to serve as a YAT? It is such an honor to be the Young Alumni Trustee for the class of 2019. I am looking forward to continuing my commitment to the college in this role and deepening the Board's understanding of student and young alumni experience.

Tonian C. A. Ortega

Tonian C. A. Ortega

Class of 2018

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major: International Business & Management, Policy Management

What is a treasured Dickinson memory? This is a tough question. My most treasured memory was probably serving as the Spirit Chair for MOB and organizing MOB the Campus! I remember sitting in the Mary Dickinson Room planning each event and going out to buy the prizes. Though it took us about a month to plan and market the event, everyone on campus loved it. I think the best part was when people asked me about the dates for the following year.

Why did you apply for the YAT position?I felt it was a natural progression towards serving the college. I was prepared and capable of thinking critically and strategically about higher education and Dickinson's position in the industry. Having been involved with Admissions, Advancement, and MOB, I knew every perspective of the Dickinson experience whether it was for a prospective student, current student or alumni. I saw the Young Alumni Trustee position as an opportunity to vocalize our strengths while making sure that we took advantage of our areas of opportunity to sustain the college. I wanted to be able to have a lasting impact on the college and be surrounded by others who shared my passion for the college.

What does it mean to you to serve as a YAT? It's a humbling experience to have been selected as the Class of 2018's Young Alumni Trustee. Being chosen out of 26 peers to serve on Dickinson's governance board speaks a lot to the culture of the campus in terms of the value granted towards student's voice. The YAT position is not only a chance for me to bring a fresh perspective to the board but also an opportunity to lead the college towards longevity and increase the value to all stakeholders in the Dickinson community. I enjoyed my four years at Dickinson and I would like other students to do so as well.

Ian Genao

Ian Genao

Class of 2020

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Major: International Business & Management

What is a treasured Dickinson memory? The moments that stand out to me the most at Dickinson are the ones that I took for granted while they were happening. Things like saying hi and bye to people as you pass by them in the HUB or sitting down anywhere on campus and having people approach you is what I will always treasure about my experience at Dickinson. Moments that are impossible to get back but that will forever change the way I think about relationships and how I forge them moving forward. 

Why did you apply for the YAT position? My experiences at Dickinson have shown me that from the facilities worker to the first-year student, to the president of the college, we are one community growing and changing together. It was my understanding of that oneness that we all share that pushed me to apply for the YAT position. Apart from my abundant involvement with the college and its constituents, I recognized that it was the understanding of the Dickinson community that was the drive for change and that without that opinion most of the thoughts or ideas being implemented would be missing a key piece of why we do the things we do.

What does it mean to you to serve as a YAT? It is more than an honor to serve as the new YAT. It is an opportunity to serve beyond the limestone apart from any financial contributions while being part of something that is truly bigger than myself or what I experienced while at Dickinson. It is making sure that those that came immediately before me and those that come after me understand Dickinson to be a better place because of the insight that I am able to provide as a recent graduate.

Ethan Andrews

Ethan Andrews

Class of 2016

Hometown: Yarmouth, Maine

Major: Economics

What is a treasured Dickinson memory? The moments that stand out most vividly in my Dickinson experience are quiet ones. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of college life, it was when I could sit alone in an Adirondack chair on the academic quad that I felt most at peace with my place at Dickinson. A good book and a few curious squirrels were always welcome.

Why did you apply for the YAT position?I had the pleasure of serving on the Strategic Planning Committee as a senior, and I saw the YAT position as an exciting extension of that role. So I went for it. I have always admired the values and ethical commitments of Dickinson, but I felt (and continue to feel) that there is work to do to realize that institutional vision. In other words, Dickinson can do better, and I want to help guide that maturation.

What does it mean to you to serve as a YAT? I feel very lucky to have this opportunity. There were so many great candidates for the position, so I have to believe there was at least some luck involved. Considering this, I am going to approach these two years with equal parts seriousness and levity. If this is the last Board I'm on, I want to make the most of it!

Kayla Muirhead

Kayla Muirhead

Class of 2015

Hometown: Baltimore

Major: Biology and Health Studies Certificate

Treasured Dickinson memory: There are many moments during my Dickinson career that changed my life. As a liberal arts student, I could never be asked to choose just one. My treasured academic memory is taking Professor Boback’s evolution class freshman year. He was the first of many professors in the department that inspired me to pursue a career in biology. My treasured non-academic memory is participating in a service trip to Alabama. It was on that trip that I discovered the most about myself and unintentionally shaped my remaining time at Dickinson.

Why did you apply for the Young Alumni Trustee position: I applied because I want future generations of Dickinsonians to have the same type of wonderful experiences and opportunities that I have had. I felt as though I had the skill set and network to ask challenging questions and actively participate in the most pertinent discussions facing the Dickinson community.

What does it mean to you to serve as a Young Alumni Trustee: Serving as a Young Alumni Trustee is an incredibly rewarding experience. Dickinson has given me so much in the past four years and it feels amazing to give back. Serving in this role means asking questions of yourself and your peers. It means discussing current and future issues facing the college and putting Dickinson as your primary non-profit interest for your two-year term and ideally, for the rest of your life.

Savanna Riley

Savanna Riley

Class of 2017

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Major: Political Science and Security Studies Certificate

What is a treasured Dickinson memory? My most treasured memory is sophomore spring. I took four classes in four separate departments - African Government & Politics, French Communication in Francophone Contexts, Criminal Procedure and Dealing with Data: Social Problems/Policy - and throughout the semester, I found incredible connections between all four classes and fields that shaped not only the rest of my degree, but helped define my plan beyond Dickinson. The liberal arts is designed for these connections and I chose Dickinson because I wanted to spend four years living at the nexus of all of my interests, but I was not expecting this so early in my college career. Aside from the classroom, I will forever treasure fall days on the academic quad, sitting in an Adirondack chair, watching the world of Dickinson go by.

Why did you apply for the YAT position? I applied for the Young Alumni Trustee position because I felt that it was the perfect extension of my service to Dickinson. During my tenure, I relished in the opportunity to be a part of our shared governance structure through Student Senate, as I learned the value of mentorship, the benefits of integrated decision-making and the importance of gathering all voices when addressing our community's challenges and progress. After four years on campus, I was ready to leave and utilize my education in the real world, however I wanted to stay connected as an alumna and saw the Young Alumni Trustee position as a way to so.

What does it mean to you to serve as a YAT? To serve as a YAT, to me, means to act as a conduit between students, campus leaders and the Board of Trustees. It is imperative that the Board hears from as many voices as possible, so that we can make informed choices and this position lies at the nexus of these groups. The Board is charged with ensuring the College's forward progression and longevity, and as a recent graduate, the Young Alumni Trustee is able to identify with students while communicating these ideas and concerns to this body. This position is an incredible opportunity for service leadership and professional growth and I am honored to serve as the class of 2017 representative.

Andrew Chesley

Andrew Chesley

Class of 2013

Hometown: Winnetka, IL

Major: Mathematics and Economics

Treasured Dickinson memory: Every memory from Mock Trial is treasured. To include something academic, I'd have to add that my time in Topology with Professor Richeson was one of the most important experiences I had at Dickinson.

Why did you apply for the Young Alumni Trustee position: It was a logical next step for my service to the college. I had done work on Student Senate during my time at school and also served on the Presidential Search Committee that selected President Roseman. Having the chance to work with her and the trustees I had gotten to know on the Search Committee excited me. More importantly, though, the Search Committee work made me appreciate the challenge and opportunity of working for the college at the high-level view of the Board.

What does it mean to you to serve as a Young Alumni Trustee: It felt like I was giving back to the College in a meaningful way beyond my financial contributions.

Darrell Pacheco

Darrell Pacheco

Class of 2012

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

Major: Political Science

Why did you apply for the Young Alumni Trustee position: I wanted to get active right away as an engaged alumni, in a meaningful way. My Dickinson educational experience, the administrators and professors that I've built lasting friendships with, and my peers left an indelible mark on me. The Young Alumni Trustee position was a way to give back to the college community and would allow me to add value to the college.

What does it mean to you to serve as a Young Alumni Trustee: It meant being a part of something bigger than myself. Serving on the board as the Young Alumni Trustee deepened my affinity and connection to the college. While serving on the board, I spent quite some time thinking about the college and learning about the various internal and external pressures facing the institution. That mindset isn't something than can be turned off easily.

Margot Cardamone

Margot Cardamone

Class of 2014

Hometown: Mill Valley, California

Major:History and Italian Studies

Treasured Dickinson memory: My most treasured Dickinson memory is the first moment I stepped on to campus. I am from California and my parents had the brilliant idea of bringing me to campus in February in order to scare me away from the East Coast. What they did not know is that Dickinson in February looks like a snow globe. My first view of campus was through the High Street Dickinson arch looking on to the academic quad. My parents were rambling on about the distance from home and how cold it was but the second we entered the academic quad we were silenced by the beauty and power of the campus and the realization that this is where I would spend my next four years.

Laura Wilson Colony

Laura Wilson Colony

Class of 2011

Hometown: Barrington, New Jersey

Major: Art History and Spanish

Treasured Dickinson memory: The long-standing tradition of signing in and signing out of Old West upon entering as a student and leaving as a proud graduate.

Why did you apply for the Young Alumni Trustee position: I was always involved with many groups on campus including Student Life, America Reads, Phoenix, Wheel & Chain Society and Admissions so when I graduated I really wanted to continue giving back. I felt that through my relationships on campus, I had my finger on the pulse of a lot of what was happening on campus, so I could serve well as the Young Alumni Trustee—working to voice what students felt was thriving and what could further evolve.

What does it mean to you to serve as a Young Alumni Trustee: Being the first graduate afforded the opportunity to take on this role was a huge honor. The trustees dedicate an immense amount of time and resources to ensure that Dickinson is a sustainable and prosperous environment for the very unique students who choose it. Having the opportunity to witness the Board at work was fascinating and only inspired me to continue giving back to Dickinson in every way possible. On another level, the development of this role clearly communicated to the student body that the Board of Trustees cares deeply and wants feedback and insights from the students themselves. Being the Young Alumni Trustee empowered me to influence the thinking of my peers, informing them of the exciting new directions of the institution and inspiring them to continue giving back to Dickinson. Creating the Young Alumni Trustee position was a very innovative move on the Board's part and a role that I foresee existing for a very long time to come. I encourage any student with a passion for what Dickinson is and what Dickinson does to apply for the Young Alumni Trustee role!