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Economics Major Explores Global Politics at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria

Rising sophomore Ana-Elena Karlova '21 is an intern in the Department of Europe at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Ana-Elena Karlova '21, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria


Art history, economics

Internship title:

Intern in Department of Europe.

What I do, day to day:

While working in the Ministry of Economy, I have received an array of tasks. One of my first assignments involved helping with the information material preparation for the minister's working trip to Italy. The responsibilities I had included writing economic profiles and summaries about certain organizations the ministry does business with as well as collecting short resumes on people with whom the minister was meeting. In addition, I have helped prepare thank-you letters and drafts of letters to other ministries in Bulgaria. Last but not least, I have also done more mechanical tasks, which are inevitable as an intern, such as typing up documents, translating documents from Bulgarian to English and updating economic reports on countries based on the most current data.

Other internships:

While I was in high school, I was an intern for two consecutive summers at the nonprofit organization, Junior Achievement Bulgaria. I plan to intern next summer as well; however, I am still unsure what exactly I am looking for. I am open to all kinds of internships as long as they help shape and develop my interests. As an art history major, I would gladly accept an internship that will allow me to develop my creative side. Likewise, I would gladly expand my knowledge in economics with another internship in the field or even try something completely unrelated to my majors.

Most valuable part of this experience:

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria gave me insight into how a government institution functions and what it is like to work for one. Most importantly, I got an idea of the working environment in Bulgaria and whether one day I would like to build a career in my home country.

Advice for students considering internships:

Get out of your comfort zone. An internship is an experience; it's nothing permanent. So if you're considering a career in a field, give it a try with an internship and see if you feel like it's a good fit.

How this internship has helped me:

My internship gave me practical experience in the field of one of my majors: economics. It also developed my teamwork and organizational skills, which are not only valuable in the classroom, but also in the activities in which I engage outside of it. Moreover, my time in the Ministry of Economy made me more independent because the responsibilities I was given were by far the most I have been given in the workplace.

Post-Dickinson plans:

My plans and dreams are currently all over the place. I would like to go to law school, but I am also considering art school. Maybe I will end up doing both. However, whatever life brings me and wherever it takes me, I am determined to find the career that makes me feel meaningful to both myself and the world.

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Published August 24, 2018