Environmental Studies Major Graduate Schools Acceptances 2018

environmental studies

environmental studies

Erik Nielsen

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Major: environmental studies
Hometown: Walpole, New Hampshire
Graduate School: Antioch University (Keene, New Hampshire)
Field of Study: environmental studies and sustainability

Program Details

I will begin classes this fall that have a focus on climate change and sustainability. This program is also paired with service in the Peace Corps that will culminate with a final capstone thesis regarding how my time in the Peace Corps aligned with my degree's focus on climate change and sustainability.

How has Dickinson prepared you for your future?

Dickinson gave me a great interdisciplinary understanding of how humans and the environment interact and how we can secure an equitable future that benefits people and the environment that supports us.

Internship Experience

Pathways intern with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS):

  • Served as an office/field intern for the Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  • Shadowed soil conservationists, environmental engineers, and technicians in the field where different conservation practices were implemented.
  • Performed various clerical tasks as needed.
  • Completed a long-term Connecticut Riverbank Conservation Project by mapping out different points of erosion along the Connecticut River that was then compiled into a database to be used for future NRCS conservation projects.

Panel racking/electrical intern with Soveren Solar:

  • Worked with engineers and the solar panel racking team prepping site and installing solar panels/panel racking system.
  • Shadowed solar panel electrical engineers at a large Vermont community solar project.

What are you most anticipating about your future?

I hope to deepen my understanding of how humans and the environment may grow and develop in an equitable, real-world context.

What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?

Being able to take so many different classes from different, interdisciplinrary majors and meet a diverse group of students that I would not have been able to otherwise at a non-liberal arts school. Also, my time spent abroad with the School of Field Studies in Costa Rica and studying in Nepal for three weeks in the Human Security and Climate Change Mosaic in Nepal; this was a defining semester of my Dickinson experience because it allowed me to study four different courses throughout the semester and then conduct hands-on fieldwork that allowed me to apply the concepts that I had been studying in a real-world context.

Kayla Kahan

Major: environmental studies, sociology
Hometown: Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
Graduate School: Temple University
Field of Study: geographic information systems

How has Dickinson prepared you for your future?

It has given me the tools I need to make connections no matter where I go.

Internship Experience

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society from May to August of 2017 as the gardening and greening intern.

What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?

  • Becoming a social justice peer Educator.
  • Going abroad on an SIT program to Jaipur, India, and doing a monthlong independent research project in Visakhapatnam on the health harms (psychological, social, physiological) that affect villagers located next to coal-fired power plants.
  • Student activism.


Published April 18, 2018