The Importance of Being Engaged

David Carlson ’99

Photo by Carl Socolow ’77

by David Carlson '99, Alumni Council President

Your Alumni Council had a productive fall meeting complete with a tour of the College Farm. We heard from the Office of Advancement and the Office of Finance & Administration to get a “state of affairs” report. We on-boarded new council members and supported a significant half-day networking event for current seniors. Much was learned and much delivered during the Alumni Council weekend. The fall was also filled with events around the country to provide friends and alumni of the college an opportunity to get perspectives from our new president. All this activity leads me to think a bit about the importance and personal benefits of engagement.

I attend events both on and off campus often. I never set out to be as deeply engaged with Dickinson, but there is something about the community that pulled me in. One of the wonderful benefits of having a deeper role with the college is the opportunity to see engagement in action. I see students, staff and alumni engaging with each other in ways both large and small. I also have the privilege of engaging with alumni that span the generations and am always amazed at how I’m drawn in by stories of shared experiences and a common place.

I’ve found these discussions to be deeply rewarding and am reminded of the saying “you get in return what you give.” As you move into a new year, I highly recommend you find a way to engage with your college—your community. I suspect you will get from it more than you expect. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at Have a wonderful winter!

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Published January 23, 2018