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Photo by Anh Phuong Nguyen '18.

President Ensign meets with alumni and parents in finance to strengthen Dickinson's career network

Dickinson President Margee Ensign recently met with alumni and parents working in finance in New York to help strengthen the college's network in the finance, business and banking fields. In addition to providing updates on the college during the roundtable breakfast meeting, Ensign highlighted opportunities for alumni and parents to engage with the Career Center's efforts and sought feedback on how the college can best prepare students for a future in these fields.

"When we talk about Dickinson's historic mission of providing useful education for the common good, we know that careers in finance and business are a major part that," said Ensign. "Our interdisciplinary liberal-arts approach uniquely prepares students to become the entrepreneurs, investment experts and business leaders who will help create the jobs of tomorrow. It's exciting to know that our alumni and parents working in these fields are committed to helping us do that."

In addition to Ensign, Provost and Dean Neil Weissman and Associate Professor of International Business & Management David Sarcone attended the meeting, which was held at Bank of America Merrill Lynch's New York headquarters and hosted by Rohan Sen ’08, the bank's vice president of investment banking. Other alumni and parents who attended include:

  • Mike Meagher ’00
  • David Lee ’91
  • Danielle Scholz ’05
  • Tim McGlinn ’91
  • Don Nagle ’76
  • Neil Kaplan ’80
  • Mark Ribeiro ’94
  • Alice Yurke P’19
  • and Nalleli Hassan ’07.

The Dickinsonians who attended were excited to hear about recent initiatives at the college, including the development of an intercultural competency task force, the launch of a strategic planning committee, the deepening of local civic engagement opportunities and additional partnerships with the U.S. Army War College. They also offered to get more engaged with current students through in-person, Skype and phone meetings discussing internship opportunities, how courses in math and statistics directly apply to a career in finance and how to break into these highly competitive fields.

The idea for the meeting grew out of Ensign's recent stop in New York City for the Useful Education for the Common Good Tour, when she met with several alumni working in finance who told her they were eager to become more involved with the college and current students.

"That's the wonderful thing about getting out and meeting the extended Dickinson community," said Ensign. "I've met so many Dickinsonians who are committed to this college and want to know how they can help Dickinson. I look forward to working with more alumni and parents in the future to ensure that together we continue to advance this great college."


Published December 18, 2017