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A Very Dickinson Dinner

While studying in Kathmandu, Nepal as part of the Mosaics program, students attended dinner with fellow Dickinsonians and even a few prospective students and their families.

Neil Leary, Director for the Center for Sustainability Education, is pictured with a large group of prospective and current students, alumni and parents.

Prospective students in Nepal meet with Dickinson students and alumni



Whether you're on the dunes of Cameroon or the countryside of France, you can always connect with Dickinson's far-reaching, international network of students, alumni and parents.

While studying in Kathmandu, Nepal, as part of the Global Mosaic program, students recently attended a dinner with Dickinson alumni, parents, and even a few prospective students and their families. Over a traditional Nepali meal, which Chiran Thapa ’63 helped organize, the group discussed academic programs and even met with notable Nepali academics, one of whom was a water resource expert and former minister of water, Dipak Gyawali. Savid Basnyat, a prospective student who had the chance to meet with Dickinson students and alumni, said, "The Dickinson reception was a useful experience for me. I am planning to apply to Dickinson soon." 

Global Mosaics are distinctive courses—only available at Dickinson—offering intensive, interdisciplinary research experiences designed around ethnographic fieldwork and immersion in domestic and global communities. The Climate Change and Human Security in Nepal Mosaic blends courses in environmental studies, international business & management and interdisciplinary studies along with three weeks of fieldwork to explore how global warming is affecting security in Nepal.


Published November 15, 2017