Checking in on #dson2019

checking in on #dson2019

Two years ago, Dickinson Magazine introduced you to several members of #dson2019. We connected with them during their first days on campus and shared their interests and their expectations. They now have two years under their proverbial belts and we thought you might like to know how it’s going!

Quadrese Glass


Quadrese Glass

Major: Africana Studies, English

Activities: Multicultural Ambassadors, Liberty Cap Society (tour guides), Black Student Union, eXiled Spoken Word Society, Hypnotic and various on-campus jobs  

Looking back: “I think it is safe to say that little has changed about me, in terms of what I enjoy. Yes, now I am an Africana studies and English double major, and yes I learned to say a few words in French; but I still enjoy hip hop music, gospel and R&B. The New Jim Crow remains an all-time favorite of mine, and while Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X no longer hang on my walls, the vestige of their progress lives in me.”

Looking ahead: “I see my next two years as being exciting. This coming year I am going on a mosaic to Cuba! And I am currently in the process of applying for a summer research position. This year is already ladened with emotions, because friends are ready to graduate. But new friends and present love is around. Graduate school and the Peace Corps are goals—I guess I better start working on those applications. Honestly, I want to enjoy the present, seize every day and command every opportunity to love the people around me.”

Diane Lee


Diane Lee

Major: Art & Art History, English

Activities: Swing Dance Club, Belles Lettres literary society executive board, working at the Writing Center and as a writing associate for a First-Year Seminar.

Looking back: “I have a better idea of what I’m doing. Not that I wasn’t always a child who worried too much, but “the future” feels so much more real now that I am actually an adult. And I’m acting more like one—like my future is mine.”

Looking ahead: “I’m applying for a study abroad program in Rome for the spring semester. If I get in—well, wouldn’t that be an adventure! For senior year, I hope to live with my friends in a small apartment. Writing a senior thesis and preparing for the senior art show at the same time will be a push, but it will be the perfect year to spend with friends.”

Teryon Lowery


Teryon Lowery ’20

Major: Africana Studies

Activities: Track & Field (first two years), admissions Multicultural Ambassador, student worker at the Dickinson College Farm, member of the Xi Kappa chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

Looking Back: “I take the most pride in my growth here at Dickinson. My sophomore year I struggled with major depressive disorder and received a lot of help and guidance from my peers, professors, deans and other staff members who I developed relationships with. After taking a much needed break I am happy to be back and to continue growing as a student, leader and Dickinsonian.”

Looking ahead: “I am looking forward to continuing to make Dickinson College better for the next generation of students. My peers and I have taken amazing strides in making prospective students and new students feel welcome. From social events on campus with my fraternity to demonstrations with the Student Liberation Movement, we have done what we can to project the voices of all people on this campus and the greater community.”

Mary Montague


Mary “Mollie” Montague

Major: Sociology, Spanish

Activities: Study abroad (South America), Swing Dance Club, Triton (admissions volunteer), Freshman Plays, Random Acts of Kindness Club, radio show host with WDCV, First-Year Mentor

Looking back: “I’m most proud of how I’ve pushed myself to discover things. My dean told us early on that we should ‘go to everything.’ I wrote it on a note and put it on my wall. Following his advice was hard but certainly one of the best things I’ve done in college.”

Looking ahead: “I want to write a thesis in my sociology major, be in a main stage production, dance more, be a First-Year Mentor again and cook a lot to share with people. I’m excited to try everything that I can at Dickinson academically and experience as much as I can outside the classroom before I graduate.”

Sam Phelps


Sam Phelps

Major: Music

Activities: Music department academic and extracurricular work, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, carving and selling wooden spoons

Looking back: “The map hasn’t changed, but walking the path gives a different understanding of it.”

Looking ahead: “I’m excited about the academic opportunities coming up in the latter half of my time at Dickinson. I’m going to try for the Weiss Prize, but whether or not I win it, I’ll have the opportunity to complete a significant senior project.”


Karen Siderovski


Karen Siderovski

Major: International Business & Management

Activities: Kappa Alpha Theta, INBM Majors Committee, admissions volunteer, Court Appointed Special Advocates volunteer/intern.

Looking back: “I definitely have a clearer understanding of where my true passions lie in terms of what I am studying and what career paths lay ahead.”

Looking ahead: “At the beginning of this semester, I attended my first Dickinson Send-Off in Pittsburgh, and I was ecstatic to meet new first-year students and talk to them about life at Dickinson. I realized that I really enjoy advising newer students and I am looking forward to engaging with younger Dickinsonians and serving as a mentor.”


Wes Smith


Wes Smith ’17

Degree: Policy Management (transfer student from Northampton County Community College)

Activities: Liberty Cap Society (tour guide), College Republicans, First-Year Mentor, SALT Ambassador

Looking back: "The biggest shift for me is my confidence level. I am more outgoing and my communication skills have greatly improved. I can attribute this to being a member of the Liberty Cap Society and giving campus tours. I enjoyed the opportunity of meeting prospective students and their families while showing them Dickinson College and all it has to offer." 

Looking ahead: "Since graduation, I am a non-perishable manager at Giant Food Store (currently in Whitehall, Pa.). I was promoted to store management following graduation. In the near future, I plan to begin my MBA in human resource management or public administration."

Lili Zunun


Lili Zunun

Major: Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies

Activities: Sigma Lambda Gamma, study abroad (South America)

Looking back: “I am proud of how far I have gotten in life at Dickinson. As a person of color and the first in my family to attend college, there is this constant pressure of belonging, and to know that I am still standing motivates me to work harder for my future.”

Looking ahead: “I am definitely looking forward to learning more, creating new relationships and friendships with professors, staff and friends. Also, seeing my personal growth throughout my junior and senior years.”

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Published November 3, 2017